Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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The greatest city in the world.

Starring Jaden Smith.
Now Streaming.
Only on Netflix.

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Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  1. Out of everything the line “teach these old money fuckbois a lesson” made me pause the video out of the sheer absurdity of it

  2. Sometimes you want to ask why something exists regardless of the regret of knowing the truth behind it……….so I have to ask WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

  3. In the immortal words of our great lord and savior, Brandon Rogers as a real grandpa, “what the fuck is all of this?!”

  4. Hate this show so much, Had some elements for a good show but they had to make it into a stupid comedy slash action trope

  5. When I clicked on the avatar on Netflix to read the synopsis.. and it said "… pursues love…" I HAD to see the trailer to see if it was Americanized…
    Not surprised lol

  6. "I can see you bitch you wearing a black tuxedo against the midnight blue sky, and it's…. SPARKLIN !!!"

  7. Saw Gigguks video about this, then the trailer, I still have no idea wft this series is about, and now I'm intrigued to watch it

  8. I'm not questioning the voice acting. I don't even mind the animation to be honest. I'm just wondering why Jaden Smith has a pet Megatron.

  9. wtf is that shit of excuse of anime ,if only they tried a bit harder with the animation and kick that robot off literally, i would pay to watch this

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