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Here is “The Illuminati Show” speaking about Neutrino Issue and much more.Do watch and share your feedback.

A brand new social satire which boldly questions all power centers in nation. We are here to do things which mainstream media afraid to do.

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  1. Introducing NEET exam is not actually harmful… But it should be equal to our syllabus… or our syllabus should be upgraded to their standards…the central government should lend their ears to the plea of all the rural students… they should at least provide some materials or aids to achieve the best in the NEET exam

  2. dei….loose pasangala…google earth map nu onu iruku da..seriyaaa. athulaa poi isha varathuku munadi anga evalo trees irunthuchi.. athuku aprm evalo irukunu parunga daw…chumma olrathinga da and rally for river pathi onume theriyama. atha pathi pesathinga da missed call en koduka sonanga na…namba support kaga ivalo per support pandranga nu sona….takunu implement panuvanga da.even evryone around the globe accept what he says exp come dumb ppl like u in tn..

  3. yengappa rendu fraud Jakki and Baba Ramdev ku ore thaadiya , Ramdev nalla karu karunula vachuruppan Thaadiya

  4. In Korea, it is already available…. oru number alloted for every person all details can be accesed very easily but very secure not like india

  5. Super bro
    Nenga oru TV arambucha
    Neraiya Peru Internet vasathilathavanga pappanga

    Content romba seemaya iruku bro

  6. only 18++++++
    faking news illa bro neega poi solluriga bro …..athu 18 + only read bro fucking news brooo ………..

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