Ocean’s 8 Stars Blame White Men For Bad Reviews

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  1. What's hilarious is that many people predicted this would happen post box office flop.. and of course, it did. The "sexist/racist" blame game reaction was so predictable.

  2. I'm a white guy and I'm interested in seeing it, but if it sucks I'll admit it and be disappointed. Also, I've never cared for Mindy Kaling. I liked the office, didn't like her character. I like Cate Blanchett. I love Sarah Polson. Rhianna isn't an actress, I'm sorry, but if you want a black woman in the role, get a good black actress. Enough of these singers being cast in movies.

  3. Try to force shit on people that they dont ask for, dont be surprised when they flop. Instead of taking an existing franchise and transforming it into a sjw movie, make a new movie, rather than fuck up a established series. Oceans… star wars…. lord of the flies… make an original movie. It will do better. Until then, we wont watch, and you will make shit that will crash and burn everytime.

  4. It’s funny. My mom is a huge Oceans fan, but yet when this rolled around, she hasn’t even been acknowledging it’s existence.

  5. The very concept of identity politics is absurd, your gender and skin color should not dictate whether or not your opinion is valid. Not only is it discriminatory, but it's hypocritical as well, they're doing the very thing they claim to be fighting against.

  6. The easiest way to disprove this is to just look at rotten tomatoes, the audience score is way lower than the critics score. Are they going to say their audience had too many white men?? Give me a break

  7. I am a white woman. I got early access to the previews and trailers about 3 months before they went public because they needed female opinions of certain age groups and I received compensation (not MUCH) in return for honestly writing a review of the trailers and rating certain aspects such as female exposure and other stuff. The outreach information is not publicly available that i know of.
    I kept an open mind watching multiple potential trailers for this movie and decided after watching just previews and trailers that I would NOT be interested in the film. Its too pandering and overly "grrrrllll powéerrr!" For my taste. The trailers were grating. The name of the one actress pissed me off even though prior to viewing the trailers I had never heard of her. I just thought "shes named after water. Fuck her and this movie" but the whole premise was annoying.

    So am I a sexist? Because i decided against seeing it before white males had a chance to hate on it because im a woman i was privvy to the info before dudes.
    Fuck this stupid bullshit movie i wouldn't wipe my ass with the movie poster.

  8. I heard it was good….I have not seen it. Honestly I have seen many movies where the critics didn't like the movie..and I did….wild hogs being one of them…I loved it…yet the critics didn't… none of their reasons are race or gender related…they have an opinion..they say why they don't like them movie….my advice ..just watch it anyway and think for yourself…those women in the movie that are being the sexist and racist assholes are going to be the only reason I won't see it..and I wanted to….but they are making me not want to…

  9. 4:24 FUCKING THIS!!!!! thank you. Been saying this shit for a long time. Its ok to talk shit about white people because reasons. Subscribed

  10. S P O I L E R S

    I would like to point out that in the end of the movie the only male heist member ( the Asian acrobat in the previous original films ) was the most useful allowing them to triple the payouts buy stealing the other jewelry in the Galla.

  11. anti white male is just as racist as anti black male. and just as sexist as anti white female. how can these people not see this.
    they are just racists pushing for inequality.

  12. To be honest I actually enjoyed the movie. Still it is pretty dumb what they are saying trying to defend themselves.

  13. regardless of race/color i think its safe to say that most men love a good heist movie (myself included), if it sucks we say it sucks….. now thinking back there is a few heist movies with an all female cast that didn't use sex to try to get ppl to watch the movie, this was "Set It Off" and "Mad Money" (both good heist films)….. if the movie is bad then its not the fault of the reviewer, btw i didn't even know there was an "Ocean's 8" but after seeing all this BS i think i'll wait for the SJWs to go away then maybe i'll watch it sometime next yr….

  14. Nah the film was just sub par lmfao. Predictable and cliche ass story line, funny thing is that I knew it was going to be just that.

  15. after watching a handful reviews of recent bad movies, I can only summarize = movie makers need to get back to basic, which is entertaining audience.

    arrogance is what is happening with these bad films. if it's bad, own it and learn from it. Disney definitely learned the hard way with recent Star Wars film. pushing bad stories thinking you're right (and blaming others when it does not end well) is definitely one way to raise hell for yourself for being arrogant.

    and media definitely plays a large role in communicating between the movie maker and the audience. if media keep spewing bad articles to support whoever paid them (including insulting audience because the actor/producer does that), then no wonder why channels like this exists. It definitely affects future revenue for films.

    Just look at Solo. What a financial loss.

    And yes, MONEY speaks louder at the bottom line than what the media says.

    I don't even live in the US and I already starting to hate what the industry has become.

  16. Mindy Kaling should be grateful to have a career as an actress in Hollywood to begin with considering her countenance, vocal, figure and acting ability are nothing to get excited about.

  17. there are a lot of great movies out there with great female leads, resident evil, Halloween 1978, Alien, set it off, made money, i spit on your grave. There are a lot of great women out there that did great tv shows movies that I want my daughters to know that I see and have seen as strong women like urtha kitt, millia jovovich, cynthia rothrock, jenna davis= a long kiss goodnight and many many more.

  18. Why is it that people are saying we need more strong female characters? Does nobody remember the Aliens series of movies? Kill Bill?

  19. So are they saying white male critics are giving their good movies bad reviews deliberately due to bias or that they can't give an accurate review because they are the wrong demographic and don't "get it"?

  20. Because Ripley wasn't an early hit… or because kickass didn't essentially have a young girl as the mc… or underworld didn't star a female lead and remain popular (got too milked near end, but the point is) a shitton of movies have women in the spotlight, but whatever. The gender card works regardless, right?

  21. Well the originals fucking sucked too. Even if it was filled to the brim with penises

  22. Seems we cause all problems. If you blame us for all then maybe we should do all. Hate me long enough I will hate you back. Just saying

  23. To be totally honest, I KINDA can understand them. I mean, all-female productions get hated on before they release, so it is easy to assume that people hate on before they can form an informed decision.
    IAs much as I hate this political "all-female" bullcrap, I feel like the debate is overheated on both sides.

  24. Or you know just cause your review is wrong

    Oceans 8 isn't like ghost busters at all, yes it is a movie with an all female cast but they make it make sense within the timeline and they push the story of the ocean family forward rather then retreding old ground

    The actors are also better in allot of ways from being funnier to just being way better actors

  25. Does anyone remember the 1st season of "Heroes"? Y'know, "save the cheerleader, save the world"? Tim Kring had a story to tell, and he told it in that story arc, and it was awesome to many people! But it was so popular that the network green-lit a 2nd season to get even more of the moneys, and it failed. (I'm sure there are better examples!)
    When you make art for the wrong reasons – like this video touched upon – then it's unlikely to be well received. There was no "story to tell" here. There was just "a different way to tell the same story", and different ≠ good.

  26. Yeah , Ocean's 8 sucked. Middle aged white woman , hear. Really disappointed in Cate Blanchett because she has worked with Woody Allen ; therefore , is she a good judge of anyone's character ( in regards to virtue signaling and finger pointing) ? The hypocrisy … Anyway , I hope we don't get an all female remake of the movie Tag, in a few years. "Tag " was made well , funny as phuck and is rolling in the $$$. In today's Hollywood that seems to be the holy trinity for an "all female" remake. C'mon ladies , blaming anyone for our failings , aside from ourselves : is giving away our power. #ownitsista

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