Our College Life Advice | Ear Biscuits Ep. 134

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Rhett & Link sit down to share their own college experiences and share helpful tips and tools to survive dorm life.

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  1. i benefited from this conversation you guys had, for sure, link and rhett!
    one axiom that remains true: one will be wise to bear in mind, that one should not only rely on Book Smarts, and just call it "a day" — Street Smarts (as it were), Real World Experience and Common Sense, also, are quite necessary

    This ties in to what you were saying, Rhett, regarding Loch

    Linkster! thank you for making an attempt to guide Charos back onto the right path there! His mind•set coming in was all wrong.
    Honestly … once we start talking 3 – 8 occupants in one dwelling, there should be 1 bathroom availed per two people. Living here with my partner, just the two of us, we each have our own full bathrooms: and it is freakin' heaven!

    When you guys print out the reader submissions, why don't you just have someone cross out last names for you, so you won't run into the risk of reading ´em on accident (even if those intermittent stumbles do provide for some comedic material, of themselves)?

    Cleaning the lint trap, and ensuring other little such details, honestly, are hell'a important. I'm with you there, Neil, on being insistent upon that maintenance! Because, when something does go wrong, because of non-compliance, who's the one who's gonna have all the faces staring at them, looking for Captain Save ´Em?
    Caddy System

  2. The only thing that makes the audio podcast easier to engage stronger focus versus the videos is that is almost seems like your body language didn't sync with your speech. It throws me off. I love the filming and scenery, though.

  3. First podcast I listened fully because I'm going to university in 6 months. Still haven't made my decision.

  4. In college, surprisingly the "you know what you know" method has gotten me pretty far lol been using that one since middle school

  5. I won't have that big of a switch to college in August. I already know basically everyone in the department for one of my majors (and most for the second major), I've gone to the campus so much that I know it like the back of my hand, and I hang out with my friends that already go there in their dorms or houses on campus. Plus it's like 10 minutes away from my house and literally across the street from my high school. I think in sophomore year I'm going to get an apartment with my best friend (because he isn't going to college).

  6. I am dealing with the same issue that rhett did with the "noises" being made above him… Gonna be honest its some good advice. As awkward as it is to hear my neighbors "dying dog" my hands are tide so ill just receive it as a blessing.

  7. For Question # 1, I would not leave toothbrush left out in the open. Bring it back to your room after you finish using it. (This applies to any personal electronics and soap too!) Just like Rhett and Link's advice! 😀

  8. People do still move in packs in the college town where I live, Boulder, Colorado. They hoot and holler down the street, causing a ruckus to families and local residents with broken booze bottles. I don't relate to your university experience at all, but you guys seem to really relish in it, which makes me smile. and that there is mythical.

  9. I love the idea for the first question with the bathroom. I live in a town house with 4 other people and we have two bathrooms and 4 of us share the same bathroom together. When we moved in we had an organized-ish plan of where to put everyones stuff without issue however this didn't last.. slowly all of me and my roommate's things were being moved, to the point where we only had a small shelf (this migrated into the kitchen too). To fix this i bought cheap plastic a storage thing for our room and just took everything off the shelf and moved it into the bin and just take whatever i need when i need it. Super easy, highly recommend!

  10. ALSO I love those chocolate milk machines… I can't believe you said something about it, that's awesome. Infinite chocolate milk… (p.s., I didn't know how to use it at first because of the on switch thing, so sad)

  11. Honestly I think Rhetts plan for making class more interesting isn't very effective. Instead of focusing on material some people spend much more time stressing about it, instead of learning or being engaged

  12. As someone currently in law school who put immense pressure on myself to do well, I really appreciate you guys sharing your perspective on this. And speaking as someone who's been there, I think your kids will really appreciate you not increasing the pressure that they no doubt will already have put on themselves regarding their futures.

  13. I wish Rhett and Link would have a podcast or a channel just for adults
    The jokes they make are hilarious plus we can all use their advice

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