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Birthday horror movie parties, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, spooky cornfields and more on this week’s Ear Biscuits.
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  1. Dale and Tucker Vs Evil is a great horror parody of Texas Chainsaw as a comedy. I highly recommend for laughs and enjoyable movie!

  2. If Link had seen the original Japanese version of The Ring at the cinema he'd have a LOT more gray hair!!!

  3. I'm not someone who gets a pleasant "thrill" out of watching Horror movies, but it's not because I'm afraid of what I'm seeing most of the time.

    Squeamishness is a part of it, but usually it's because I have a hard time not putting myself in the emotional state of whoever the "victim" is. Especially in the horror genre, where the story lines seem to typically be less fantasy (which I'm more willing to watch) and more reality based, I can't stop myself from thinking about real people in the same state of fear and terror, even if the circumstances aren't the same. So then it just ends up making me feel sad because real people somewhere have felt these same levels of fear.

  4. Rewatching/listening to this today and tbh I've never seen a horror movie. I don't even like scary parts in movies. Once I was watching a show with a couple guy friends and they had to comfort me a lot of the way through because it was a bit intense…not even horror technically just intense. Idk but the idea of getting nightmares or panic attacks or anything of the like from a movie is not something I wanna do. I'm with you Link, not into watching horror movies.

  5. Perfect end. I was sleeping. This started leaking into my dreams, So I woke up. I heard noise downstairs and thought it was my son, so I got up. It wasn't. Not even a pet awake. Ate a slice of pizza with a passing thought about our home's former owners (my boyfriend's deceased parents-freak accident) and currently trying to go back to sleep.

  6. My husband used to love the movies about serial killers, and would watch any kind of horror movie. I love ones with actual monsters, but don't like ones with people, and have gotten to the point where I refuse to watch ones with ghosts, demons or zombies. Werewolves and vampires are fine.

  7. Can't wait for your horror musical! from the way Rhett was talking about horror he will know how to make it great.

  8. Texas chainsaw is the best horror film. The original and the remake are so damn good. My first slasher film based on something that did and could happen.

  9. Ew when Rhett started talking about The Ring and he started talking about the tv the tv in my room started blinking

  10. i started getting grey hair at 15 im 21 now and it looks like i purposely dyed a gray stripe in my hair about one inch thickit's funny

  11. I remember when I watched the ring for the first time, it was with my dad, it just finished and I literally just made the comment "wouldn't it be freaky if the phone rang right now?" And bam, the phone rings. It was my grandma, but ya.

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