Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Olympic Win Ever

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Fair Dealing – Parody, Satire – Thank you to the IOC for releasing ya claim on this vid.
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See this entire race here:

Frenzal Rhomb – Never Had So Much Fun

My critical analysis of the greatest gold medal win ever, just happened to be a cheeky Aussie of course.

Fair Dealing – Parody, Satire, Review


  1. Wtf theres nothing proud about that He shouldn't be even having his hands up. If they didnt trip he'll be last.

  2. 'I just decided I'd hang at the back and hope a couple fell so I could nick a bronze. Then I saw them all go down.

    Maybe I'm not the most deserving guy, but I got the gold and I'm stoked about it. God smiles on you some days and this is my day.'

    LOOOOOOOOOL He Planned This shit lol

  3. Please make the extended version, with all the previous races, with the same type of victory.
    Here in Italy is a well known, inspiring sport story!

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