Parody Movies – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 207 (Pt. 1)

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Every day Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino talk about the biggest stories in nerd culture.


  1. This girl getting really nervous and not understanding that paying for porn is an incredibly common and secure internet transaction is hilarious. Let's me know exactly who she is.

  2. She sounds exactly like Megan Mullally from that one episode of Seinfeld and i'm not sure how I feel about that. She also seems way too nice for this podcast.

  3. I always think of KF when I watch TWD because of that one negan crew guy that you guys had as a guest one time. I like to imagine that the KF crew joined the Negan crew and turn his compound into the garbage truck on fire lol

  4. Best thing about this episode so far, is them realizing that they have a very basic understanding of what a Parody is.

  5. I liked the Wayans family humor as a teen, but lately, I just like Damon Jr.'s work (a next generation Wayans starred in New Girl for a few seasons).  I also think that the Feig Ghostbusters movie would arguably count as a parody film.  

    But when it comes to parodies that I still enjoy is the genre of "dramedy."  In middle school, I watched a syndicated high school show from Canada (it notably starred Ryan Gosling between Mickey Mouse Club and Notebook), then in high school, I watched Ryan Murphy's Popular, and the sitcom Grosse Point (the WB's show going behind the scenes of teen dramas), and after college there was Glee.

    Also, BTW Lacey Chabert's name is pronounced Sha-bear.  Having lived through the times of  (and loved watching) Party of Five, Wild Thornberrys, Mean Girls, and her two or three Hallmark romcoms per year, I've heard Lacey getting introduced so often.  Her 2017 Christmas romcom came out… I think last week, and she was probably on Home & Family promoting it.

  6. Scary Movie 3 and Not Another Teen Movie for me. Me and the wife going to watch NATM now on Netflix, thanks for the reminder KF 😀

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