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Please comment below with your thoughts on Patronuses and their meanings in HP.

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  1. It's probably true, at least it is for me personally, that with two concrete lovers one is more mutable than the other. The breeze to the other's wind, so to speak.

  2. If a patronus could change form to something that reflects your love, does this confirm that Aberforth fucked a goat?

  3. I was going to say that, I think their Patronuses change to fit their "mate" so they can walk together in life
    That may be why Severus wasn't meant to be with Lily, because he had the same Patronus as hers, therefore not "accompanying" her in life
    Also that being the logical answer, Harry's, Ginny's, Ron's and Hermione's Patronuses may have changed when they got older to fit their "mates" and accompany them in their journey, I not sure but I think it's a lovely idea
    Also it is confirmed that Lily's Patronus was a dear when Harry's watching Snape's memories and Dumbledore says that it was the same as Lily's, and I don't remember who but they confirmed to Harry that James's Patronus was in fact a stag

  4. You sound a lot like the YouTuber ViHart. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

    Great video by the way!

  5. Instantly looked for more videos on you channel like this. Sad to not find any. Do more! It's a great model and you did well

  6. Something I've noticed about Snape and tonks' patronuses is that they both seem to represent unrequited love.

  7. You should've mentioned Snape's patronus and it's affinity to Lily's. I think this would suggest that her patronus was always a doe since Snape loved her before she began dating James.

  8. I’m sorry but I can’t watch anymore!! That annoying Greatest Showman music is messed with my thoughts! Sorry again.

  9. Man, my patronus sucks. Definitely does not bring happy thoughts. If I were attacked by dementors, I’d let them suck my soul than conjuring that boring sh*t.

  10. Very interesting theory! I'm curious as to how Snape's patronus fares in compatibility with Lily given his is the same as hers and how that might give us insight into the James-Lily-Severus love triangle.

  11. Now I understand on Pottermore that you can only take the tests once, but I think the Patronuse test should let you take it again after a period of time. Maybe 6 months to a year. That is a good amount of time for someone to potentially change their thoughts and behaviors; whether on purpose or the outcome of a drastic event.

    I'm a Slytherin and my Patronuse is a Wood Mouse. At first, I was confused, but then I remembered my answers and can agree. It's kind of poetic I feel: A mouse in a snake house.

  12. loved this! 😀 mine is a bay stallion, i dont hate horses, but i also dont have any connection to it, i however love wolfes and i have 2 cats 🙂

  13. Hey! Nice video! Please keep making more! Just one little feedback: What you could maybe improve is just a little more articulation.
    But like I said, very nice video, I wouldn't be able to speak so smoothly if it was my first voiceover so awesome work, you're doing great!!

  14. Loved the video and I just want to say thank you for making my life easier to live. I'm currently going through my last year of high school and currently dealing with a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts, the only things that are keeping my mental health ok is watching your film related vids and creating my film content like you. Once again thanks dude, hit me up if you want to collab or something.

  15. The thing I got out of this video that is only tangentially related, is that the Weasleys go after who they want.

  16. I'm firmly against breeding dogs and cats, because of overpopulation of pets in need, ESPECIALLY pure breed ones, because they have health issues due to inbreeding. Mixed breeds are healthier. Yet Pottermore decided my Patronus is a dog from some specific breed…….. What the heck? I would have been fine with a generic dog or cat, but this doesn't fit me at all!
    Also, the first time I did the house test in Pottermore I ended up in Ravenclaw, but when Pottermore changed and I did the test again I ended up in Griffindor! I thought maybe I changed? But then I did an online test that has ALL the Pottermore questions and I'm slightly more Ravenclaw than Griffindor. I must have gotten a strange set of questions. And now I'm stuck with the wrong house and wrong Patronus. Thanks, Pottermore!…

  17. My understanding of the Ron/Hermione patronuses was not a predator/prey relationship, but that Jack Russel Terriers are known for /playing/ with otters. I can see how the predator/prey idea could come about, but I think it's reading too far in?

    Separately, when I first read Tonks's new patronus, I could have sworn it actually eluded to it being a werewolf, not a wolf.

  18. I wish the patronus were better in the films, they are rarely animals except when the plot demands it.

  19. Kicks off with comparing MBTI to horoscopes, then goes on to search meaningful patterns in purely stylistic literary choices… I lost you there.

  20. This answered literally nothing of why you might not agree with your patronus on pottermore? It seemed more like a video about why patronuses can change

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