People Who ‘Followed’ Instructions!

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People Who ‘Followed’ Instructions!
Most people have a hard time interpreting even the simplest of instructions. In this list of instruction-fails to pay tribute to those who just didn’t understand, and people who took instructions way too literally. Which one do you find the most absurd? In a world where we’re constantly being told what to do, it’s often tempting to rebel against the system and stop doing as we’re instructed. But as you can see from this hilarious list of people who followed the instructions too closely, there’s another, more subtle way to fight back against the establishment. How? By following the rules as literally as possible! Don’t know how? Then scroll on for some covert anti-establishment inspiration. Don’t forget to comment on your favourite people who followed the instructions too closely!


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  1. Here is a question I’m wondering. Why isn’t the keyboard in order of the alphabet?? I don’t get why it has to be all scrambled..

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