Philip DeFranco vs SJW Snowflake. Allow me to help!

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So it seems a lot of Youtubers have been demonetized, banned or had their videos taken down for talking about this subject. So I thought I’d talk about this subject. 🙂

Philip DeFranco had his channel screwed over for doing a video about this girl, so how can I resist doing the same?

Drinking game for this video: Drink when she says “like”.

Check out Philip DeFranco’s video on the matter:

And MrRepzion:

And Chris Ray Gun:

If you didn’t understand the “It’s Hugh Mungus” reference, check out this video:

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Original Video:
This was sent to me, so I don’t have the original link.

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  1. Did you know some native Hawaiians are offended by being referred to as asian. The common facial traits are considered remnants of often forgotten invasion and domination of the Polynesian natives by the Japanese

  2. 6:11 that is not unintelligible, she said her name is Jade Green and i'm laughing

    that sjw is so freaking dumb

    ironically, i misspelled dumb

  3. You know, cameras should be designed to explode like a grenade whenever the person holding it says "I've been video recording this!" or something.

  4. ejector seats need to come standard in modern cars. one push of a button and its bye bye dickhead passenger.

  5. See I am always shocked at the patience of the people who run into these fucking Morons. Because they would seriously not want to run into me. Because apart from getting the vilest curses in the English language thrown at them they would be lucky to not get physically dragged around by the hair for awhile . And yes I know that physical violence is wrong. But I am violent and bad tempered by nature, with little to no tolerance for fools. So fuck em. You want to be a self entitled Moron you're gona get hurt!!!!!!!!!

  6. She complains about the driver's disrespect for Hawaii and yet she owns a porn site called gods girls, direspecting every single religion.

  7. Omg can we ban her from talking and still claim to be for free speech? Her voice is. So. Fucking annoying

  8. I can't stand when idiots (always white) get offended on behalf of another race, even though people of the race in question have absolutely no problem with what the SJW was offended about for them!!! Like when all those dumb fucks were offended for Usain Bolt because Ellen photo shopped her riding on his back around town!! When asked, he said he thought it was funny!!!

  9. This bimbo thinks Hawaii is a continent? Damn. Maybe she should move somewhere else, like the city of England.

  10. Sounded a lot like the other chick said her name was Jade Green… Am I crazy or did I really here that? o.O If so the other lady is amazing!

  11. Rewatching this…a year later….drunk already….and loving it because Trump is president. Seriously, fuck these idiots.

  12. also, allow me to point out how at the beginning she called him "white male" when the driver was apperantly asian………. yeah…

  13. Is that a valley girl accent? I'm a Brit so I don't know – but wow, the combination of her accent and the words tumbling from her mouth are a unfortunate combination.

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