President Trumps Space Force is Satire!

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  1. The second coming of Christ will never happen as long as WE All WAIT for this single man to appear known as Jesus. When will all the people realize that WE Humanity is the second coming. Jesus even stated that you are him as he is you. We need to take personally responsibilities for the situation we find ourselves in, only we can get ourselves out of this mess. Jesus is NOT coming he is already here in each and every one of us and he is unvailing all theses truths so hopefully WE, Humanity we act and STOP waiting for some fantasy savior to roll in from on high and make everything all better. Jesus taught personal responsibility, we are the only thing that is going to save us! All the while Jesus is yelling at the roof tops to stand up and act, yet man/woman remains docile and enslaved. Nothing will EVER change unless WE Humanity makes it so…. Stop waiting for someone to save you, you, we must do it ourselves. No one is going to do this for us. The time to stand is NOW, but I know no one will take responsibility or any reaction upon themselves, everyone wants a super-man to save the day, well that is not how things work in the world we call reality, only you can ACT.

  2. Interesting , proclaimed on the 18th. Ya know the 3 x 6. Also the sixth month, also the sixth branch of armed forces.

  3. All the school shooting, 9/11, terrorists attacks, all gears ppl towards separation, once u have them divided under false pretences, an they fight amongst themselves, u find an equal threat amongst them that is treating 2 both sides, then u can have them follow ur lead by giving false help in a crisis. The ppl will put aside their differences an unite 2 end a greater threat. This is how u gain world order under one government and make the ppl believe in one set law 2 follow. Gaining total control. Starting with the flooding of NY.

  4. What is all the fuss about space force about? I think this is actually quite a good things. Lot of modern technology rely on satellite and having the mean to defend them and potentially destroy potential enemy capability is a huge strategic advantage. That not about fitting alien at all, but about providing support to the ground.

    And if USA carry on with this, so will other major army around the world. It will create a huge boom in the areospacial industry and likely lead to the development of new technology

  5. I had that first hope with Obama and within the first three months of his 08 election I woke up to a lot of things… Haven't stopped learning the truth since then Mr Rhodes. President chump didn't fool me, but I voted for him to tell my brother it's not going to make a difference … killary or chump as President just the same old crap no matter who got in. Here we are. Praise be to Jesus Christ Almighty God as one.

  6. Yes Vincent! True to form, a false flag ritual sacrifice will happen shortly. Appreciate your efforts

  7. So happy he announced this. It now puts pressure on Fake nasa and all the other liars and will expose the sham thats been robbing US taxpayers for decades…get the popcorn ready

  8. I felt that hope when Obama did his 1st term I think It prepared me for this potus. I knew it was a shame, he & Clintons were friends 4 many yrs. He said she would go to jail if he won, he said a lot of things, the Mexicans would pay 4 the wall now he's asking un for tax $, & the foolishness goes on. Now a space army, what r we in a cartoon? B blessed bro Rhodes, u'v got the rite 1, Jesus Christ always.

  9. Space force = more taxes to spend on geo-engineering. The government in the UK is threatening 2 tax hikes in the form of brexit and keeping the NHS funded.

  10. Just woke up, this was the first thing that popped up when I jumped on YouTube LOL

  11. Where is the curve?? Where is the fiery tail of the sun as its traveling so fast thru the Galaxy? Shouldn't we see the fiery tail (fairy tale) of the great fire ball? Has anyone seen it??

  12. Hi Vincent
    Your right totally ridiculous actually insanity with eyes open
    How can people believe this mountain of horse doo doo
    Are people that asleep at least bugs bunny has more character than this administration
    You know the truth shall set you free i just didn't know how much would be revealed to those awake
    I'm starting to think 1/3 of the angels bought into the lie that just tells me believers of the gospels and of the christ have wisdom granted to them by the Father
    That when we humble ourselves The Father gives great knowledge and understanding to his flock
    Boy oh boy you sure can see behind the curtain but so many that can't

  13. Space Farce – surely FE is gaining speed and can't be ignored – people are waking – I hope Trump is setting a trap

  14. hey Ppl, also look how they put Buzz in da back, and no recognition,, so he cant make faces like last time, omg that [email protected]^# was funny, n look she was 665 days in space, they wana say 666 but then it was too obvious..
    man u could make a nice vid on all this Vin..

  15. hey what happened to the link i put up ,did u erase it Vince, or THEY did, if you dont want it up I wont put it back..

  16. God Bless Vincent !!! Land air and sea forces were physical (deception)…. now the Govt is beginning to demonstrate its intentions to fully engage in the spiritual (deception). Trump is a very different kind of Selected President only he could sell an actual “Space Force” to the sheep.

  17. Any "Christians" who had those ideas of "Christians" being recognized and revival" due to tRumps administration were foolish. No way did that man exemplify a holy lifestyle to represent the faith. He represents the apostasy. He even told you all before he was elected he never repented to God, but by his own works tried to "do better." Better according to whom? Repentance is a work of faith the foundation of conversion to Truth. Besides, Jesus told us the world will not love us for they did not love him. He told us only a few would adhere to the gospel (narrow path). American "Christians were following man and not the Most High. God told me this man would be elected 1 year prior to election and it was a curse to this Babylon. He said when the wicked are exalted the vilest men walk on every side, He gave me Isaiah 26 as well to reveal what time it is for the true Believers, and I warned "Christians" who cursed me out. He was not blessing America but reckoning with America, and no Hillary was not the solution neither, The mercies of the Lord are upon those who are for Him.

  18. They are building the command station for the mark of the beast programs. They cant keep it on land so they put it in the air away from man's reach.

  19. The 6th branch of military? Huh! Why does he keep throwing up the 666 sign? Yashua ! Oh King of kings ! Come quickly!

  20. Trump is smart and for the people. This may be to show NASA's fakery in future. Missiles move through our atmosphere– maybe Trump means "the space (air) below the dome" but "higher than normal Air Force space (air)." Maybe it is to red pill those who join, then have them be world teachers of a Flat Earth, with high altitude flat horizons and other video / photo / experiment proofs.

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