Princess Leia is “Good For You” A Star Wars Parody Of Selena Gomez’s (Music Video)

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The Empire’s most wanted royal rebel, sings about why she’s “Good For You” In this Star Wars Parody of Selena Gomez’s Hit Song.

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An original trilogy Star Wars, video starring Heidi Mae as princess leia (as seen in “A New Hope” “The Empire Strikes Back” and Return Of The Jedi” ) This video was inspired by the stunts and special effects of Star Wars including ( Escape From The Death Star,Battle Of Endor, Jabba’s Palace, Han Solo in Carbonite, Freezing Han Solo in Carbonite, Alderaan exploding, Escaping Jabba’s palace, Princess Leia being captured, Princess Leia swinging across Death Star, Luke and Leia escaping the death star. and many others)
Heidi Mae makes nerdy Music Video parodies with her brother Joseph Herrington. When they first watched the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer (Episode 7) and Star Wars
They were inspired to produce more nerdy, star wars videos.
Heidi Mae and Joseph H have always loved all things Star Wars, Including: Jedi, Sith, Storm Troopers, obi wan kenobi, Darth Sidious, Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey, Lightsabers, 70th Explorers, Rebel Legion, Jedi Training, Secrets of the universe, Easter Eggs, Love between annakin and padme, the Sequel Characters, Games like star wars battlefront 1, 2, and 3. luke skywalker yoda, degobah, tie fighters,
han solo, chewbacca, (chewie) the new planet jakku, force sabers, boba feet, He’s alive !) the new stormtrooper, and so many more!

Heidi mae herrington, also known as heidimightybear, Is a girl with tattoos. She has been called sexy, beautify,l hot, cute, and stunning. But at heart Heidi Mae is a Cosplay, Nerdy, Geek, Gamergirl!

Joseph David Herrington is an award winning actor, director, producer and writer with several films under his belt. But nothing excites and inspires him to create hilarious comedy videos and skits like Star Wars. Joseph was 6 years old when he secretly watched Star Wars for the first time and has loved the Star Wars extended Universe and all its characters and worlds ever since.

They are eager to see what J.J. Abrams does with the series and cannot wait to see Star Wars: The force Awakens when it releases in theaters.


  1. I changed four lyrics! It's a parody! upvote because I'm hot! I'm making star wars references!! upvote you fucking dorks!!

  2. You barely changed the lyrics so I don't see why you even uploaded this thinking its at all original. Very disappointing.

  3. Yeeeees i finally have time for watching all your video ! I'm littlemisfiitgiirl on instagram i'm so happy your voice heidi omg and Joseph… Gosh !

  4. Yea, definitely not relying on sex to sell her voice eh. LMAO. Sweety, look up the word "parody" you clearly have no idea what it means. Tits and ass to sell yourself claiming somehow its parody is a little fucked. Just title the next one as "Watch me jiggle my tits and ass while I sing a song by Selena Gomez"

  5. Did i already mention how i think heidi and david are freaking sexy !? Not just because of their body but just the faces they're making, fiou… Yes i'm always here X)

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