Problems People Who Are Always Joking Understand

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The struggle is real.

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  1. I've been sarcastic for all of my life, but in a couple of years recently i had to lay down and stop the Sarcasm, as one, some people took it too seriously or i accidentally offend someone.

  2. i once told a guy that I love joking and making fun of myself or others. He then told the same jokes over and over again and made so much forced comedy. It was so cringy.

  3. I used to be like this until I realised people get offended or don't understand me so I stopped talking when I'm with strangers but it just makes everything more awkward now and I don't know how to go back to being myself again…

  4. That girl wasn't joking when she broke up with him after he revealed he had never seen Doctor Who. That's a deal breaker right there.

    Also, this video wasn't as funny as I hoped. That guy's jokes are all terrible. The funniest part to this was "lets see how many things we can put on Brenden's back before he notices." That was actually really funny XD

  5. I'm an extremely boring person. Like I get angry when someone tells me a joke when I'm like doing my own stuff

  6. Im always sarcastic. I always say, "just kidding!" after EVERY single SENTENCE and laugh cause I think it's "comical." I say it so much that my mom is always like, "Enough with the 'just kiddings!'"

  7. A nun said to me oh you dont know what I did before I was a nun? I said well I know you werent a prostitute Sister.! IT CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH B4 I THOUGHT IT!! thank God she laughed!

  8. I joke a lot and people think that when they say mean things it doesn't hurt because I always cover it up by being funny but when I get home I feel so depressed.

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