Rant: This Needs to Stop!

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  1. This whole thing is stupid because stab resistant vests are superfluous to begin with. If you’re gonna stab someone, you’re not gonna stab them in the stomach if you plan to do major damage anyway. If you’re close enough to stab them, hit them where it hurts.

  2. question is, can the vest wearer withstand a pommel being thrown at him by joerg sprave? or maybe from a slingshot?

  3. First off PEOLPE THINK BODY ARMOUR OR VESTS WILL TURN YOU INTO A GOD. Someone got their bubble burst and started to panic.

  4. Standard Daily Mail practice. Publish untrue story with inflammatory headline. Add misleading bullet points. Then in the main story, disprove their own headline. Why? 1) The majority of their commenters don’t read the small print, just the headline (and sometimes the bullet points if the words aren’t too long) 2) This way they can avoid being sued while spreading a lie as they can claim they printed the truth in the details (which they know most of their readers will never bother to read).

  5. 'blocked kultofathena'
    If you actually read what you put on the screen, this is a service the ISP user is using and can opt out of, they have clearly put that filter on themselves.

  6. Extremely cogent response, well done. Very reminiscent of the anti-gun and anti-police media in the US.

  7. NWA has us covered on how to kill a police officer and last time I checked that song wasn't banned on youtube.

  8. Statistically speaking a lot of these mass shooters have also been charged with assaulting a partner at some point as well. Gasp narcissistic self important assholes who think mass murder is a justified answer to their feelings of inadequacy also tend to be women beaters!? short of breath I… my entire world view has been shattered… all joking aside amen Skall and for the love of all that is good and holy STOP GLORIFYING THESE INDIVIDUALS… heck I feel kinda gross even emphasizing a sentence about them but this kind of BS is so frustrating.

  9. Petition for all biased news sites to be removed from all public browsers would be a great thing to have

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