Rap Ranter #43: Ash Ketchum Vs Gary Oak by Epic Rap Battle Parodies

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A Wild Epic Rap Battle Parody Appears! B-Lo used Rap Rant as he takes a look at Ash Ketchum Vs Gary Oak!



  1. New review already? You get these out fast, man. Great battle!

    Also, a pet-peeve of mine in the community is same same series battles.

  2. That “Nathan” voice clip of him trying to do Ash is actually Matteo. The reason it sounds off of cause he was really sick when recording it. He was just showing me he could do Ash. Which makes me wonder why you have that audio clip in the first place…

  3. Hey Brandon you should review the three mordici vs twilight sparkles rap battles by epic rap battles of cartoons with frenzy.

  4. On the subject of same-series battles, I ask my fellow commentators: what is the most tolerable, least cringeworthy one out there of which you know? My vote would go to the audio-only Les Miserables battle, Javert Vs. Enjolras.

  5. …….Why do I want to play some Pokemon while watching the anime now?. I'll be honest too and I'm about to share some stuff about me when it comes to Pokemon……Blue, Yellow, FireRed and Emerald was the first Pokemon games I played growing up and I really loved the original and Diamond and Pearl both the games and the anime. I NEVER liked Misty and I still don't today, I like Dawn and May ALOT more……know what now that I think of it………don't know why I felt the need to type all of this some of you probably don't give a shit.

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