Real Time With Bill Maher: Overtime – Episode #216

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Bill and his roundtable guests (Jane Harman, Jane Lynch, Janeane Garofalo, Joshua Green, Sharon Waxman), answer fan questions.

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Real Time With Bill Maher: Overtime – Episode #216

Unemployed, Performer, Sunshine Addict, Veteran Startup Operator, Lana Del Ray's Botox Injector. I make up a dream in my head before I go to bed.


  1. @CoreyfromEarth in Sweden we have a small tax (very small tax) that you pay if you are a member of the Swedish church, that goes to the church, and if one does not want to pay then you just have to leave the church. How is it in the US everybody has to pay for the church or how is the system over there??

  2. Personally, I think Obama should be Vice President, and ass kicking, take no prisoners, Alan Greyson should be President. Obama is smart enough, he just isn't mean enough; he isn't tough enough.

    The country is crumbling, and if the Republicans get their way, it will be utterly destroyed. This is economic war, this is class war, and the rich and powerful are winning, but in winning, they eventually lose in the extreme, and take all of us down with them.

  3. @blueboyblue Take it from a black man Obama's plenty mean enough. He just hasn't reached his boiling point yet. When that day comes it's going to be hell to pay for rightwingers.

  4. @tyrone121285

    "…Obama's plenty mean enough. He just hasn't reached his boiling point…"

    I hope so, but I don't have much faith in it happening.

  5. for the record on the whole VP thing Nixon did switch VPs but that was only because Spiro Agnew was under investigation for being evil (extortion, bribery, tax evasion amongst other things) and had to step down. unfortunately that led to us having Ford as a president so not a great example of succesful VP swappage. *exhale* there i'm done being a history nerd

  6. The government CAN'T promote any religion over another. However, by not taxing religion we are endorsing religion in general. We are giving preference to Religion which in turn implies an endorsement of religion, which is exactly what the government should not do.

    Churches should be taxed like everyone else, however, they should get the same tax benefits for charity, social aid, and similar. In fact, that might actually encourage religions to provide more social & charitable benefits.

  7. @CoreyfromEarth Just because they don't pay taxes does not mean your money is paying for the churches. The government does not finance the churches. Most churches run on donations, and the government does not tax that money. It has nothing to do with the taxpayer.

  8. @CoreyfromEarth Again, i am just pointing out the technical fact. They may do whatever with their money, but it is not the taxpayer's money. The money belongs to people who CHOOSE to donate. You may question the morality of church leaders, but you cannot question the legality of their actions.
    If I want to donate money to someone who will buy a sports car with that money, it is my right to do so.

  9. WHAT? tea partyers calling everyone but a republican a 'socialist'?
    really BloodyBratwurstVag69? really? you want to go THERE?

  10. @BloodyBratwurstVag69
    you really want to go there? i certainly don't. so all i'm going to say is that 'us vs. them' is why this country is flushing down the toilet.

  11. @BloodyBratwurstVag69
    you really want to go there? i certainly don't. so all i'm going to say is that 'us vs. them' is why this country is flushing down the toilet.

  12. @BloodyBratwurstVag69 but at least liberals are not as disingenuous or intellectually dishonest as conservatives (whoall bash people that are against them too)

  13. @jquixlo Hate to disillusion you, but Janeane knows exactly what she is talking about! She is whip smart and takes no prisoners.

  14. @KellyGreen5555 No she is deluded and arrogant, did she gain this knowledge when in University? Oh wait. Perhaps being a failed actress and medicore comedian gave her the basis of the objective historical and politico-economic depth to make the sweeping generalisations she is so fond of? OR did she realise that if she read the Nation and HuffPost and watched Moore's lying documentaries and present them as her own opinion can get support from idiots. -Not what disillusion means.

  15. @KellyGreen5555 Nah I'm actually out of her league. Awwww sounds like someone couldn't come up with a legitimate reply and went on the attack.

  16. @jquixlo Grab a dictionary, Brenda, and pump yer brakes…Dramatic irony and dark sarcasm are clearly beyond your grasp.

    Your vitriol and misinformation regarding JG mark you as a brainless, right wing nutter.

  17. @KellyGreen5555 You're simply presumptious; I'm a member and employee of the British Labour Party, I'm an alumni of St. Anne's. Now you can presume I'm lying; that would be fine. However I must be a right-wing nutter because I hate people who do the left a misservice by being misinformed and arrogant, fuelling the right-wing nutters (not me).
    I got my dictionary but I don't see why I'd need it? Is vitriol an impressive word to you? Also, again, you misuse words and compounds.

  18. 'Failed actress' not a valid criticism. She's been in a lot of things, some very big projects, and she's still legitimately working. Not making the A-List or maintaining your momentum at the peak of your fame doesn't make an actor a failure, or by that criteria nearly all of them are failures. The failures are the ones who never give up waiting tables; the vast majority never even reach Garafalo's modest success.

  19. He never will because Cenk is a hack. There is a reason he's on youtube instead of a legit news organization.

  20. No, it's against the attitude of "If a woman gets raped, it's because she dresses like a slut." That's why there's a retort a 2:40 which goes like, "Yeah, so what are children doing wrong, to get raped by pedophiles?"

  21. Janeane is anti-racism hey Janeane lets do something about it,lets go to Chicago,Detroit,New York and get all those racists who are killing hundreds and hundreds of niggers with guns,oops oh yeah the killers are also niggers. 12.2% of the pop commit 49% of all violent crime,make up 62% of the prison pop and have the highest rate of fatherless homes of ANY ethnic group,without Europeans niggers would STILL be living in mud huts,no cars,electricity,planes,electronics,etc. Janeane the REAL racist !

  22. Maybe you don't like Garofalo, and what she says. But she is intelligent and articulate. Refreshing from a lot of the bubble heads on TV. Also I don't think she is a failure just because she isn't on as many magazine covers as Jennifer Aniston or whoever. She is a very bright woman who can hold her own in any debate.

  23. I think that's a strange reference to make about magazine covers, as I didn't claim that was the basis of a successful acting career. However being flippant, glib and facetious against people you might not like isn't the same as being bright. She is one of the worst offenders on the left at ignoring facts if they don't support her.

  24. Instead of protesting the victim being blamed for rape these girls should be protesting better use of police, keeping the offenders in prison that sort of thing. Address the real problems

  25. Instead of protesting the victim being blamed for rape these girls should be protesting better use of police, keeping the offenders in prison that sort of thing. Address the real problems

  26. some rich people don't want to pay for the law enforcement cost of public. and most don't care

  27. Churches who practice what they preach are not 501cs. But if your looking for tax dollars LOOK AT THE FUCKING NFL.

  28. 0:31 except the dirtbag southern democrats at the time forced FDR to switch to the nitwit Truman. Who then went on to nuke Japan when they were already prepared to surrender. Henry Wallace would have never dropped the bomb and we could have avoided the cold war entirely.
    p/s/ watch oliver stone's the untold history of the united states. its on the tube.

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