Red Neck Shooting (Sarcasm) Part1

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Seriously. If taking my children out to teach them how to handle fire arms makes me a red neck, then I’m a red neck! LOL!

Although I don’t fit the “Red Neck” image I understand that Red Necks are mush better people than the perverts any day of the week!

A Red Neck can take care of themselves. Most rednecks have LOTS of kids because they do figure out which hole to go into.
A Red Neck likes to go OUTSIDE of his house and go into the forest, desert, mountains, etc.
A Red Neck can hunt for food and take care of himself.
A Red Neck could survive without electricity or the internet.

Best of all. Red Necks love their guns and old America!!!!


  1. Hey, 4G

    One suggestion, try shooting with
    Shoot-N-C targets, it will make easier to sight in without constantly checking your targets back & forth. For your convenience.

    Awesome vid brother.

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