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Format: Original Recording
Written by: Red Skelton
Release date: 11/11/2014
Duration: 6 hrs and 39 mins
Language: English
Genre: nostalgia radio, comedy & variety

Red Skelton’s impressive gallery of comic characterizations didn’t need to be seen to be hilarious! Through sound alone, he brought to life a “fellow from the country”, an inept outlaw, a down-for-the-count boxer, a shady politician, a Brooklynese braggart… and a holy terror known as “Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid”.
To commemorate Skelton’s centennial birthday, Radio Spirits presents this collection of previously uncirculated broadcasts. Three of these are rehearsal recordings, in which Red cuts loose with wild ad-libs and general tomfoolery that never fail to convulse both his regulars and the audience.

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