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For the 30th anniversary of Paul Verhoeven’s masterpiece ‘Robocop,’ Mike Calabro explains how the director’s schlocky action movies actually contain some of the most brilliant satire ever seen on film.
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Paul Verhoeven directed one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time with Robocop. Satire has always been the director’s strong suit, and it’s not limited to Robocop. ED-209 blowing away executives has nothing on the carnage Arnold Schwarzenegger caused on Mars in Total Recall. 1990 was an awesome year for action films, but Verhoeven’s trippy tale of messed up minds used satire to stand out above the pack.

And then we come to Starship Troopers, 1997 most misunderstood movie. It looked like a dumb alien invasion movie with bad CGI bugs, but Starship Troopers’ satire is utterly vicious. From World War II propaganda to the American military machines, no target is safe under Paul Verhoeven’s lens.

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  1. Just came here to say: you guys have really proven yourself after the sourcefed nerd debacle. You guys are consistently producing content that deviates from the "liking anything remotely sci-fi makes you nerdy" trend that seems to be taking place. Really liked the video.#peace

  2. Like the content, but a bit of a suggestion.

    The ammount of jump cuts you use when showing clips and going back and forth between them and you are kind of excessive. Like around the 2:48 mark you've got like 5 jumps in just as many seconds.

  3. The one aspect of Verhoevens vision is that the media would be exactly like the ones we see in Robocop. You only have to see the way the media is portrayed in that they want news that involves violence, racism and terrorism. It seems that they thrive on peoples misery, especially the poor people. I got this from the original series but nenver in the remake. The remake had no soul for me. It was just a remake but the original had more soul, in that it connected with people. You see the media itself is the contributor of the way the world is today, just look at Trump and his campaign – all fed on media nonsense. So, when I watched Robocop, I see a future that is violent and classist to the extreme. Hell, with the way social media is today, we will probably see game shows like the Running Man! So, I get exactly what you are saying in regards to Verhoeven. He is a realist and does not interpret a false social standing.

    Another great video!!

  4. Bravo! The content is getting better and better. I hope you guys continue to get more subs, likes, and views. I thought your content was good when you first started, but you needed to start from the ground up. With the SourcefedNERD debacle behind us, I hope you guys genuinely make it because I thought this video was so much fun to watch. Your two Ape videos were great as well and I never would have known about the James Cameron Spider-man movie if you guys hadn't made that video. Awesome.

  5. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and leave us a comment below letting us know what other sci-fi films & topics you'd like us to do a video deep dive on. Thanks for watching!

  6. Great video. Glad to see you guys coming into your own. Keep the quality like this and I'll keep watching.

  7. that's right! since seeing Robocop in the 80s I watched with a weird inverted satisfaction as the world around morphed into something pretty much like Verhoeven depicted, because I realised he knew where it was heading.
    It's like Gore Vidals book Messiah which in 1955 predicted the rise of tv evangelism, and the polarisation of the Christian and Muslim worlds.
    Good presentation, great stuff!

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