Roseanne’s Pro-Trump Revival Show Gets Huge Ratings

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  1. I'd give Roseanne a watch if it comes to a main UK channel like years ago. I'd really like to give it a go if it does like back in the day.

  2. Lol Is it really a shock that a show that shows the current President,(ya know,that guy who wins a thing called an election by the people)who is typically shit on by everyone and everything outside of Fox News in entertainment,in a positive and respectful light gets a good rating???

  3. "syrup sucking socialists" was a joke, Parker and Stone coming out as a republicans was a joke. Are you actually this clueless.

  4. Roseanne is awesome ! I could do without the hay grandson bit though . Seems a bit overplayed these days , but I am guessing that these days it is obviously relevant because there are TONS of mixed up kids today , caused by their fucked up parents , 1 parent households , which usually means being raised by a single mother . The fathers are either dead , in prison , or …. you guessed it !! GAY !!!! So naturally many young boys become more feminine because of the lack of masculine Male role models in their lives !

  5. for a channel called no bullshit… there is a lot of right wing bullshit on here.

    what happened to moderation?

  6. Fuck yeah, The new Roseanne show was the funniest thing I saw on TV in f'ing over a decade at least. I plan to watch all of the upcoming new shows.

  7. Roseanne takes place in Illinois…illinois IS a blue state it always has been a blue state it went to Hillary anyways .so their whole fued is pointless….the way things are set up unless you live in a swing state your vote is meaningless anyways

  8. Rosanne pro-Trump doesn’t fool me. She is a Talmudic Jew who hate Christianity. Only idiots get excited about that POS.

  9. I will watch the show this week. I did not know if we were going to get tricked into a GOP bash. Sounds like I can actually watch and laugh so I definitely will be watching. Thank you.

  10. I've always thought the Roseanne show was too vulgar, and never really was much of a fan for that reason. After seeing your review, I think I would watch the comeback, mainly because she is on the side with common sense, and among the ranks of those informed about the true statistics these days. It has not been easy for Trump to clean up the mess the Democrats and the Obama administration have made of our once great nation. The biggest problem is getting most average Trump haters to understand the true agenda of MSM with the news. They still trust them, and are blinded to their extreme bias, regardless of the fact that they no longer report any real world news!

  11. The reality is the Left is guilty of collusion with European socialism and European nations. That is real foreign collusion. UK, Sweden, Germany, France. You may say 'but they are allies'. They are competition and they are also dominated by socialist politics. In a very real sense they are full on guilty of "foreign collusion" so if that is a bad thing the biggest offenders are Clinton, Sanders, Warren, and others, but you can find Republicans also guilty of this, like say McCain, and Romney who in the end like the Casino policies so he would have simply been a Yes Man for the ultra-rich 'liberal' socialist Europeans who run that system. You may say 'but that is capitalism'. Ah, no, it is more what you might call 'crony capitalism' aka socialism European style.

  12. Once again we men let a woman trail blaze. Come on guys, let's all bow our heads in shame. 🙂 I hope this will encourage other non-wacky Hollywood residents to come out. It's gotten to the point that it's more dangerous to be conservative than gay over there in La Di Da Land. She should have Tim Allen guest star on an episode. Or maybe he should be her next door neighbor!

  13. The show isn’t pro-trump. Two of the characters are. And it seems that’s only gonna be the main focus of one episode. The show is NOT conservative, it never was. Roseanne (both the person and the show) is and always has been pretty socially liberal. This is what you would call “South Park Republican.” This is an attempt to show that just because someone supported Trump, doesn’t make them a bigot. People in middle America of low to middle class can still be very tolerant and accepting of socially forward issues even though the left still insists on calling us bigots.

  14. Get to it…! 2 minutes of intro and advertisements..? really..? you're going to get more subscriptions if you drop these long intros

  15. The Russian dressing was Jackie's dressing. That is referencing the fact that the collusion belongs to the DNC.

  16. I don't normally watch TV or sitcoms, but I thought her show was good and I don't mind more Rosanne in your No BS show.

  17. What about her sisters first line ?
    "What's up deplorable" ? 🙂
    I'm pretty sure that's taken from one of HC's speeches.

  18. The problem is that the show is not conservative. It’s only pretending. And Roseanne is not really a Trump supporter. She hasn’t really supported Trump. She just voted for him and she justifies herself about it by saying that she voted for him because he was upping jobs.

  19. I watched every episode, of the program the first time around and then the reruns. I love Roseanne Barr!

  20. I strongly suspect that those who debate this simplistically as a left versus right or liberal versus conservative show do not understand the complex real–life character of America's most beloved Domestic Goddess who exerts full creative-control over this iconic show. The Divine Ms. R has never been about left versus right or conservative versus liberal. She is a free, independent uncontrollable ancient spirit that picks and chooses what she sees as truth and justice and she cannot be bought or sold. Some of these truths are associated with the Green movement, Republicanism, Liberalism, Feminism, the Libertarian standpoint to name just a few. And like all deeply self-reflective people, this Goddess changes her perspective on certain topics as she grows and evolves. I am a life-long admirer and not am not jumping on the bandwagon. Roseanne Barr is my divine inspiration and has been for more than two decades. And she is far from perfect. Just one more reason to love Rosie babes.

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