RWBY – 3×4 – Lessons Learned – REACTION!

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  1. There actually is a RWBY game, but it's not THAT good unfortunately. It's very short, and painfully simplistic to the point that it boils down to "go from point A to point B and fight stuff until the game is over".

    The game's called Grimm Eclipse if you want to look into it.

    Also, yeah, that after-credits scene in V2 was officially just "a dream Yang had". It was supposed to be a scene in V3, but that never happened.

  2. Another packed episode.

    You got to see the difference between "public Winter" (the severe military operative) and "private Winter" (where you see she loves and cares for her sister). it may be tough love at times but it is love. Also note: the line about "father giving you a job as a receptionist" is a Rooster Teeth in-joke. Originally one of the jobs Kara Eberle (Weiss's voice actress) did for Rooster Teeth was she was the receptionist and office manager.

    You caught a lot of the very important stuff in this episode, like Qrow subtly covering Yang's mom's face in the picture. And you clearly caught in the last episode Qrow playing the pronoun game. Bravo!

    So excited for the next several episodes!!!!!

  3. Qrow said when he showed the picture that when he joined that team that's when he met Ruby and Yang's parents. So you technically already know Qrow, Summer, and you have seen the other two but the names haven't been revealed yet. But that's team Stark (STRK) Like he said, a very (according to Qrow in this episode) very popular team when they attended Beacon.

  4. Mercury is my favorite villian. He's so badass. Also the upcoming anime fighting game, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, will have Team RWBY in it. It looks super fun. I'm excited for it. It comes out in June

  5. The song that plays in the fight is called '' I'm the one'' and its a song about Emerald and Mercury (one of the best lyrics, being honest here). Its different from the song '' Caffeine'' that plays in season 2 when team CFVY fights xD

    About the picture that Qrow showed, we kinda know the name of all of them at this point, or at least 3 of them if you didn't saw the name of the woman in read in the credits of volume 2. As Qrow said, that was where he met their parents, so team STRQ goes for Summer Rose, Taiyang (blonde guy in the pic, as shown in the first episode as a silhouette, and Yang says his name in V02E08 when they get Zwei), the woman in red and obviously Qrow.

  6. D'awww, Winter is a big softie at heart.
    I love how they just drop team STRQ out of nowhere, just like that. Qrow plays it cool, but that's the first full image we got of the three besides himself.

  7. Good news! There are two fighting ganes involving rwby characters.

    RWBY: grimm eclipse

    BlazeBlue: crosstag battle

  8. Something to think about – Weiss has been described as the "heiress to the Schnee Dust Company" . . . but she has a (much) older sister in Winter. So why isn't Winter the heiress?

  9. If you like Mercury and Emerald, you should check out the song "I'm the One" which is the song that they played during their fight with Coco and Yatsuhashi in the beginning of this episode. It's their music theme and it pretty much just summarizes their thoughts on the other team and even gives you a smidgen of a hint on some of their backstory. Easily on my top 5 RWBY songs.

    Other than that, I have to point out a nitpick on this episode that I've had since I first saw it; and that's the picture that Qrow shows Ruby and Yang (which is the same picture form the opening). It's supposed to be a picture of Team STRQ back while they were still in Beacon as students or maybe a bit after they graduated, but they still look the same as they do now. Seeing as how Yang's mom left shortly after she was born and considering Yang is 17 at this time, that picture should be at least 18 years old by now, but they still look exactly the same. At the very least Qrow and and Yang's mom do. It's a nitpick I know, but I think they should've made them look a bit younger in my opinion….And at least with Different Outfits! Do they still wear the same clothes all these years later?! I mean, even I'm not that consistent and I'm someone who has a 3 day wardrobe! XD

  10. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is an official RWBY game available on STEAM, can play as members of Team RWBY and Team JNPR last I checked

  11. There is actually a RWBY video game produced by called RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Steam. Developed by Rooster Teeth's gaming division :3 I've heard it's pretty good, but I haven't played it myself

  12. Big sisters are always hard on little sometimes, I am sure is a powerful warrior. and Qrow is very powerful too

  13. Hey so I know you said you want to play a rwby game, plea to react to the Blazblue Cross tag battle English trailer. Rwby characters are in it. Its gonna be a great game

  14. Dude!! Seriously you HAVE to do a Music Reaction .. XD .. the song "I'm the one" which plays During the Mercury/Yatsuhashi/Coco fight is AMAZING with LOTS of backstory on both Emerald and Mercury. And the song that plays at the end with Weiss is "mirror mirror pt II" which gives SOOO much insight into Weiss you wouldn't get from just the show.

  15. I used the "They Don't give out Medals for Almost" "They do! and They're Called Silver!" In a meeting recently and it cracked the whole room up! one of the best lines in the show.

  16. There’s 2 games with RWBY. RWBY Grimm Eclipse which is a canon (i believe) between volume 2 and 3. That’s a Horde Slash em up.

    And the new BlazeBlu Cross Tag Battle is basically the anime version of smash bros, it will feature RWBY.

  17. Once you learn more about the Schnee family you'll probably understand why Winter became the way she is and why she pushes Weiss to be her best. They've been dropping hints since the White Trailer after all.

  18. Also thank you for picking up on the illusions thing so quickly >.< I've seen so many just have that go over their heads somehow

  19. The part where Coco is looking for Emerald with her gatling gun out, and the camera is sort of panning through the trees to follow Coco; that shot is a Rooster Teeth homage to the movie Predator, where they have a fairly identical scene, and even the background music/sounds they play in RWBY is very similar to what is heard in Predator during that shot.

  20. Team STRQ (pronounced stark) – the team in the photo
    You've seen each of them before.
    From left to right:

    1. Summer Rose (Team leader, Ruby's mother)
    V1C1 – at the beginning of the closing song This Will Be The Day hovering above her grave [note: That scene probably takes place shortly before the Red Trailer.]
    "Her name was Summer Rose, and she was like Super-Mom; baker of cookies and slayer of giant monsters." – Yang ( V2C6 )

    2. Taiyang Xiao Long (Yang's and Ruby's father)
    V3C1 – with Zwei near the beginning of the episode
    Taiyang's full name was revealed by Monty Oum on his Twitter feed on Sep 9, 2014 (5 days after V2C6 was released)
    [ ]
    "I've got to leave the island for a few days, so I'm sending Zwei today for you to take care of. Enclosed is all the food you should need. Love you both, Taiyang. " – Yang reads letter sent by hers and Ruby's father ( V2C8 )

    3. Raven Branwen (Qrow's sister, Yang's mother)
    V2C11 – prevents Neo from killing Yang
    Vol 2 end credits – identified as Raven Branwen voiced by Anna Hullum

    4. Qrow Branwen (Yang's and Ruby's uncle)
    V1C1 – 1st mentioned
    V3C2 – 1st seen (unless you count V2C6 )
    V3C2 credits – identified as Qrow Branwen voiced by Vic Mignogna

    "Ah, Team STRQ – that's where I met your parents [Summer and Taiyang]. We were pretty well known back in the day." – Qrow ( V3C4 )

    "He wouldn't tell me everything, but I learned that the two of them [Taiyang and Raven] had been on a team together with Summer and Qrow…" – Yang ( V2C6 )

  21. Yang actually said something about Qrows team, go back to the episode where Yang tells Blake to slow down

  22. I've seen quite a bit past this episode and I have no idea what you're talking about with the scene at the end.

  23. The song during the fight was most likely for Mercury, but the way they play it, the audience most likely started off thinking it was for Coco and Yatsuhashi.

    I love the family relationship between Winter and Weiss. Since she said in season 1 that her childhood was 'very difficult,' Winter is Weiss's only real support that we know of at this time. It's also fun watching Qrow with Ruby and Yang. Ruby is obviously very close with him, and they're interesting to watch.

  24. Thanks for the reaction! "they're called silver!" I love that line every time I hear it. Glad you reserved your opinions on Winter.

  25. just thought id make sure it was mentioned…Winter starts out cold because they are in public. she improves in the park scene because it's just her and Weiss. as normally happens when a family is…well known, and needs to keep a clean profile. 'outside' face and 'inside' face. Public and private. should be self-evident, really. but guess stuff like that ain't as known these days.

  26. now that i think about it, it's a good chance Winter is Weiss' Yang. taking the place of her mother when her real one became…unfit.

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