Salman Khan Epic Reaction On Race 3 Trailer Spoof | Bollywood Latest News

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Salman Khan Epic Reaction On Race 3 Trailer Spoof | Bollywood Latest News
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Salman Khan’s Reaction To A Spoof Of The ‘Race 3’ Trailer Is Better Than The Actual Trailer.
Parodies are the best thing ever, especially the low budget ones, and if you disagree, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong.

Whenever a trailer for a movie comes – especially a highly anticipated or big-budget movie – there are always spoofs about it and they’re almost always hilarious.Remember a couple of months ago there was a low-budget spoof of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer and it was so hilarious yet impressive, even Russo brothers replied to the video?

If you haven’t seen this before, then you need to watch it like right now, because it’s that good.And, now another hilarious low-budget trailer is here about the most meme-able movie of the year. We’re talking about ‘Race 3’, of course. The trailer honestly seemed like a huge meme in itself, and when you get over how cringy the trailer actually is, you actually start enjoying it.

Here’s the whole spoof and I have to say I enjoyed this way more than the actual trailer.
Full props for that hilarious improvisation and a shoutout to that pink helicopter. Just imagine if Anil Kapoor had actually come out of a pink hello kitty chopper? I would’ve definitely watched the movie first day first show then.Now, comes the best thing to come out of this video – Salman Khan himself reacted to it!
The ‘our business is our business, none of your business’ is honestly the most profound and deep dialogue we’ve gotten in a really long time and, going by the video, even Salman Khan appreciates it a lot, after all, it’s the only thing ‘Race 3’ is known for at the moment.

Just kidding, but it is one hilarious dialogue and I’m surprised that they put such a lame line in the trailer. Or maybe, just maybe, that was their plan all along. That one line is the biggest desi meme right now and the movie just got so much free publicity because of it.


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