Samantha Bee Loses Sponsors Over Ivanka Trump Slur

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  1. if you truly want to save America as well as the rest of the world bring back segregation not just by race but by religion but politics and let them govern themselves and we'll see just who comes out on top and then there's no jealousy and none of this Pitchfork let's blame Whitey the white Christian man held us down we can segregate you can all govern yourselves and we'll see who's the most productive

  2. As some one who watches her
    She has called many political figures cunts before so I don't get the outrage when its well known as her fave word eva, yeah its wrong but its to be expected. Now if she said twat I could see outrage, we doesn't use that as much as cunt. Its not special to be called a cunt or a bitch by Sam bee. So I feel like an attack is happening by people who want to be but hurt. I dont think Roseanne or Samantha should face such ridicule since they are just comedians not world representitives of our country.

  3. 11.26 in the video we employee a women who asked her son to put in a movie which happened to be a porno when he was 13 or less and watched it because that's what he wanted to watch.. Same women who is engaged to someone who is still in jail while banging a 26 year old and thinks it's right, however same person that thinks white s are worse than you know the other she is about 40… They are the same people who support the bs system

  4. Wait, cunt is a bad word? Lol, I got called a cunt today by a woman, in which I appropriatly replied, 'fuck off you filthy mole',

    That paragraph is a clue, three guesses where I live in the world.

  5. Great channel but you don't know the first fucking thing about Canada.

    Take the political and social sensibilities of San Francisco and paint the entire US with that brush…..that's exactly what a lot of you allegedly woke Americans do with Canada and it's just not true.

    Canada's also not really just one country either, it's like 5 or 6 countries jammed together; French Canada, the Arctic Inuit, Anglo/Euro Conservative rural Canada, Multiculti Uber Lib urban Canada and whatever the hell Newfoundland is.

  6. I am Canadian and NOT a FUCKING left tard.  USA gave us Eight years of a half breed African muslim communist who started a dozen wars . Not Canada . We had a decent centralist Conservative leader. That is till your left wing bastards funded a actor left wing trust fund pussy . Thanks for years of the fucking murdering bastard Clintons and the George Soros money she pumped into Canada via Tides Canada to fund the left.

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