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Life of a Struggling Actor is a challenge in itself. We loved the Sanju trailer and wanted to do something of our own. Join the roller coaster ride of the Sanju Trailer Spoof – performed by Shubham Mishra and directed by Ishan Jain

Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Rajkumar Hirani – BIG HUG!!
We do not tend to disrespect or make fun of anybody.
Just want to show some struggles of our own.

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  1. Nihayti bakwas. Ocd if you want to grow your channel please sack this actor or ask him to join any acting school. I am not criticising him but I'm giving an honest review. Plus khuch creative kia kro hamesha trending ko utha k usko copy kyu krte ho?

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