School Project | Donald Trump Satire in GTA5

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I have mixed feelings on this video…. I’ve been given good feedback on it overall. I personally am not a fan of this video for the fact that I DO NOT like my editing, I pushed this video out in about 3-5 days time. I put very little effort into this overall and I know I could have done a lot better than what I did…. I am NOT a hater of Trump’s, I personally support him and think he’s one of the better presidents we’ve had in a long time. NOTE, this DOES NOT mean I support everything he has or ever will do while in office. This video was made for my Junior AP English class. I made a 90 on this project, I would have received a 100 but I turned it in late for fear of presenting and the judgement I would receive via my teacher and class as a whole. Mainly for the fact that my entire AP English class besides 2-4 people HATE Trump for no good apparent reason.

Note, I think there are still some audio problems etc. so please be mindful of those. I could not for the life of me get the audio to align correctly and it was quite aggravating.

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