Seeman Blasts Vishal On Producer Council Strike | Seeman Speech | Cauvery Issue

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Seeman Makes Fun about Vishal and Nadigar Sangam Protest. In a recent press meet, he shared his thoughts about the Producer Council Strike and VIshal’s move.

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  1. I know he is damaging Vishal becoz of he Telugu still he became angry angry some other language person in chief in particular one day he may this Tamil Nadu Tamilan should stay no one's should come without pass Port

  2. His agenda is same like BJP y means if someone say against BJP he is anti Indian seeman is telling if other language person came in big positions he is anti Tamilan

  3. என்னை பா உனக்கு பிரச்சினை எல்லாம் தப்பு தப்பு தப்பு காரணம் அவன் தமிழன் இல்லை அதான 21 நூற்றாண்டின் அறிவுள்ள பிரிவினை வாதி நீரே உன் அறிவை கண்டு வியக்கிறே ஆனால் உன் பிரிவினை பிரச்சாரத்தை வெறுக்கிறேனா

  4. ஏண்டா, மாத்தி மாத்தி பேசுற. கிரிக்கெட் வேண்டாம் சரி, சரி சினிமா மட்டும் ஏண்டா நமக்கு தேவை. மூடுங்கடா எல்லா திரை அரங்குகளையும், நிறுத்தங்கடா எல்லா சினிமா டிராமா சூட்டிங்குகளையும்.

  5. நீ என்ன ஏசுவின் சீடர்களில் ஒருத்தனா. போய் வேலைய பாரு.

  6. Enda ne kathi kathi pesapula ne nalla vana
    dai lusu payalae neyum cinema la irunthu thaan vantha athe maranthi daathe
    Ennamo tamilnadu la yae nethan nallavan mathavan ga illarum kettavan pola pesura ippa unnaya thititen nu 2 3 dogs ennayae vanthu kolaikum pare

  7. Ayyo aamakari simon mooditu oadidu oathavaangi sethuduva un vaaipundaya kilika poraanga ipdiye peasitu iruntha… Ne nikka pora thoguthile ne deposit vaanga maata conform summa ipdiye udaarvitutu adivaanga vendiyathu thaan

  8. Saimon oru mental mathiri pesuraan. nankal vilaiyattukku ethiri illa entru muthal sonnaan. ippa vilaiyatte veendam entru. ippadiye mari mari pesi thanum kulampi matravarkalaiyum kulappuraan. ivan neikkiraan tamilar ellaam muttal payal entru

  9. FUNNY GUYS …..நாம் தமிழர் கட்சியின் கொள்கை
    1. We must use our sleeper cells of tamil tigers living in tamil nadu to kill rajini or kamal if they become chief minister just like we killed rajiv ghandhi.

    We must talk about தமிழ் tigers death in ஸ்ரீ lanka daily on every interview so that we can touch the heart of the sri lanka tamils living in other countries and get donations from them to support our political group and seeman cars and houses and transportation.

    3. We must create as many as YouTube channels and Facebook and what's msgs and memes to spread the நாம் தமிழர் news and brain wash as many youths to join us.

    4. We must use our computer team to type insulting comments against rajini and kamal and other politicians at every news comes on YouTube about rajini and kamal.

    5. We must brain wash as many youths as possible to make them hate non tamils and slowly turn them in tamil tigers and let them hate and beat and kill the non tamils.

    6. We must start a new ltte in tamil. நாடு and sperate தமிழ் நாடு from India and start a new country and create war between Sri Lanka and tamil nadu and control Sri Lanka.

    7. We must use every incident like rape.. Murder… Jungle fire… And all viral news to give interviews and spread news of நாம் தமிழர்.

    8. We must insult all supporters of kamal and rajini and call them தமிழ் droaghi in every YouTube.. Facebook and what's app comments.

    9. We must get more donations from tamil tigers supporters living in other countries and we must brain wash them everyday to get more money.

    10. We must use the Muslims to create support for us. All we have to do is support and praise about their religion and we have talk badly of bjp and rss and அமெரிக்கா and illuminati and the Muslims will fall on our நாம் தமிழர் feets. Muslims will be good and nice to people who support and praise their religion. So we நாம் தமிழர் must attend all muslim events.

    11. We must unite all dalits and Christians and talk badly of brahmins and other hindu supporters.

    We must use our right hand thirumurugan ghandhi and other supporters and friends of our supreme leader seeman to spread hatered of rajini and kamal and others.

    Together we can win the elections… Let's continue our brain washing. We நாம் தமிழர் must not give until we separate the tamil nadu from india and chase all the non tamils out of tamil nadu.

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