Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul Episode 20 Review (Irony)

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  1. The bastard's name is Alessand, but AssTrash is better suited for him! Poor Jeanne, hasn't she been through enough! I was so happy to see the old school team up between Favaro & Kaisar! We wanted more action & we got it. Favaro got into beast mode because he remembered Amira's pain & didn't want to see another loved one die. Why do you keep forgetting to mention Amira flashbacks?! Those are precious! I'll be pissed too, if El dies!

  2. I agree that Charioce loves Nina, but he's more committed to his ultimate plan! Charioce most certainly did tell the captain of the Onyx Knights to kill her. In fact when the captain asked what should they do if the encountered the red dragon again, Charioce told him to kill it "on sight." Charioce has never wavered from his plan in front of the Onyx Knights. The only reason they suspected him of changing his mind is because they saw Charioce & Nina together after following him. So when the captain took his helmet off & told Nina that Charioce sent him, he was telling her the truth!

  3. Now to address Nina: I still like her, but I'm going to have to agree with the criticism that she's been selfish when it comes to her love for Charioce! It took Charioce dumping & then trying to kill her to finally make her get angry with him. Charioce has imprisoned her & her friends on top of attempting to kill El on several occasions & yet she continued to moon over him. She was conflicted about loving Charioce, but continued to optimistically overlook his terrible actions towards her friends & go out with him anyway. She doesn't need to keep her feelings for him, but push them to the side. As it stands right now, Charioce doesn't love her enough to abandon his path to destruction. Nina needs to focus on stopping him & helping her friends.

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