SJW Politics Ruin Grammy Awards

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It is not my intention to cause the original video creator to receive any kind of harassment or abuse. My intention is to provide a counter argument to claims they have made in a civil and courteous manner. While I have no control over the feedback you choose to provide, I’d kindly ask that you avoid any forms of harassment or abuse. Thanks!


  1. I thought the anti-abortion dress was awesome. No wait, I said that wrong. I think the idea of promoting a message that you firmly believe in is awesome. The dress looked like it was cheap as hell, and scribbled on quickly to capitalize on a cause. If you've got some bucks and you promote your cause as cheaply as you can possibly go, we're all going to see how strong your convictions are.

  2. I stopped watching award shows a long time ago…. SJW's have been a lot longer then anyone talks about and this not even close to the first American tradition they have ruined.

  3. You guys are the same shit than sjws. You get fucking triggered about everything. All of you guys are bullshit

  4. the world has turned around in just a couple of years, we'll never see balance, where everyone gets equal opportunities i guess cuz one side wants payback. Also politics can stay out of entertainment unless plitics is the entertainment.

  5. hey how about you stop being a soy boy and lose a few pounds eh? your face looks like a prolapsed anus

  6. So it’s begun Huh? Rock ‘n’ roll one sacrilegious is now oppressive! Seen this coming for a long Time. But that’s not stopping us!

  7. Its easy, to go on stage in closed area full celebrties , and moan and talk about oppresion , but you never see any of these celbs giving up there mansions or money for refugues. They live in huge manions and mostly white rich areas so they dont see the consequences of unchecked imgiraration, and to moan about a paygap in hollywood where all of them make millons its disgusting, they should just stick to making their music being good or shit and should not take on politics , to increase there chances of getting more popular with the public.

  8. I think it's funny how many of you here conflate ALL liberals with these SJW loons. That would be like me saying ALL conservatives are neo-nazi KKK members. You can't judge an entire party by the crazy fringe outliers.

  9. It's funny because feminist want "equal pay", but only in the jobs THEY want. I don't hear any of them complaining that there aren't more female coal miners, septic tank cleaners, refinery workers, commercial fishermen, and highway maintenance personel. LOL. They just want equal pay in cushy office jobs!!!

    And all these female hypocrites complaining about illegal immigration, but I'll bet each one of them have "state of the art" security systems at their mansions!! LOL what bullshit!!!

  10. I think you're wrong about their antics lowering the number of people watching. Last year's Grammys is a reason why the number of people watching this year's has gone down so much. This year's is going to affect next year's viewership which will be down as well. Knowing their self-righteous attitude though, and the fact that they're buddies own the networks, they'll keep doing the Grammys even if there's only 10 people watching. I seriously have no faith in the future of Hollywood. And that's not because of the sjw b*******. It's because they haven't had an original idea in decades. An original idea seems to be what show they haven't done a remake on yet? This is the only reason I started watching anime. I got sick of watching the same show over and over again. I think this inability to come up with original ideas for movies is yet another sign of the backwards and highly fascist state of mine the people in Hollywood currently have these days. Fascism isn't real big on promoting originality. And when it does it makes you cringe. Have you watched the Emoji Movie lately. Hell I haven't even watched normal TV in about a decade and a half. After all you're just watching commercials which are occasionally interrupted by a show.

  11. waw i cant watch this video. just sounds like some awful negative person narrating this. he's so against the left, so against what people stand for, degrading assault victims, and degrading someones achievement in life. like whats wrong with you? lol. where's this hate coming from? For a youtube name called "no bullshit", your comments sound pretty bias and one sided XD i thought id be listening to a video with neutral and objective views, guess i was wrong XD i gotta get out of here! the air is so toxic and disgusting! (youtube comment section). nvmd seen so many close minded and angry people in one area. sigh. faith in humanity not restored.

  12. If you hate the wage gap than go to a nice communist country. Youll love it. You wont have those problems there.

  13. Hey Ill-Logic when are the doors to your private residence opening up for those immigrants you want sooo much to live in your country? The latter is a rhetorical question as Ill-Logic and his ilk will not be re-homing any immigrants in the near future…or any future for that matter!

  14. tHeY TaKE OuR JObS hurr durr…
    I´m sick of this shit! You guys are as annoying as feminist just with dif views

  15. I think that most if not all of the things said by the celebs is scripted or they were told they had to be pro-whatever to push the gay/immigrant/anti-white etc agenda.. I wouldnt doubt if some of the things some of these ppl say go against their core beliefs. But they sold their soul for the fame. Like you said logic gets played way too much. Theres a reason. and its not only because people think hes good. They get the spotlight and the play time and the red carpet. but they become a item owned by hollyweird and have to do w.e is told.

  16. I love your videos but people are being "dramatic" about sexual harassment cause it is real. I agree lots of people are jumping on the train for trendiness, but assault is huge. Real assault. So many women ARE genuinely abused sexually… Far too many. At least 1/10. Sort of how people had to be dramatic and speak up against racism, because even though legally they were seen as equal they weren't treated as such. Now women's suffrage or whatever is obviously not to that scale on the upfront social level, but they are still seen differentky sexually, and abused sexually more than men. Also love what you said about logic. I'm binging your videos rn.

  17. wh*te people are beginning to feel attacked lol can y’all believe that? 2011-up until now has be interesting, not gonna bring up the stats but get over it. “white ppl got it good but boy we are gonna pay for this shit here I tell ya. but until then weeeee” – Louis CK have you forgotten lol

  18. Cyndi Lauper get off the stage you don't need them you did better partnerships before with Madonna and the legend Paul McCartney.

  19. Okay, I absolutely HATE that you said that women don't work as hard as men. That's a retarded statement considering that most of the topic of their "music" is sex. You could've just said that the main highlight of the music in 2017 were surrounded by male artists and it was the males' year in music in 2017. Also, Melodrama was the BEST album released on 2017. But agreed, I hate those political statements or whatever. Those were just unbearable. Like it's an awards show, talk about music.

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