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Everything in our lives is connected to the internet, so why not our toilets? Take a tour of Smart Pipe, the hot new tech startup that turns your waste into valuable information and fun social connectivity.


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Smart Pipe | Infomercials | Adult Swim


  1. The really horrible thing is, if they uploaded this to a Smart Pipe ™ youtube channel and had no connection to adult swim in any way they would have investors clamoring to throw monies at them and people talking about 'THE NEW INNOVATION TO PIPING TECHNOLOGIES!'

  2. Its not child pornography shows the thing that reads childrens’ anuses and shows child anus to pedophile (im legit disgusted) lol it hit me hard too. Ugh

  3. The weirdest part is that the core concept of scanning your waste and urine to check your health is a pretty great idea.

  4. sad some people don't get the "100% free" satire… stop giving your info to companies who make millions off your information

  5. Smart pipe will probably be in use some time in the future as a medical diagnostic tool, a way to keep track of what nutrients are being taken into your body, and which are passed through.

  6. I get that the jokes are more oriented toward corporatism and social media, but the technologically is actually being worked on and it has the potential cure things like diabetes and stomach cancer.

  7. I saw Michio Kaku live recently at a recycled talk he gave and this, according to the wise futurist, is in our future. Just give us 20 years. Jet packs, smart pipes and computer chips in our brains will all be ours.

  8. I love the parody of social media influencers who try to seem hip and current, but are actually just shilling for a company, be it Smart Pipe, make-up or homeopathic medicine.

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