Smashing Trump’s Hollywood Star Was COMPLETELY POINTLESS

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Total waste of time and only hurts their own cause

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  1. Another rich boy who's never worked a day in his life mad that the working class is fed up with his daddy and his friends ripping us off. Comin for you bitch

  2. Child rape: "no big deal." President does things that OBAMA AND CLINTON HAD RAN ON "oy vey shut it down"

  3. So what, idiot goes to jail and Trump's star continues to be the newest and shiniest on the walk. So thanks?

  4. I agree with what you are saying here. I am voting Trump in 2020 just because of the phycos on the left as I want to make sure no one they support gets into power. I dont care how bad Trump is, those people are just so much worse

  5. The dipshit did it for "victims of sexual assault" but he left Kevin Spacey's and Cosby's stars alone? Wow.

  6. Donald trump is the leader of an enemy faction to these people. I wonder what his life will be like when he isnt president in 2024.

  7. Extreme left wingers are violent, primal troglodytes. They require a million years of evolution to become civilized.

    Austin Clay – how appropriate that this asshole is named after dirt.

  8. After millions of dollars and months of intensive research I have developed a cure for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Shut off your social media, turn off the news, and get out of your echo chamber. Do this for one week.

  9. I am sorry but I don't agree that we should try to convince others to be on our side unless you are an activist. Just learn to agree to disagree and stop being emotional when the other side is winning or disagrees with you. We are all different and can never think and feel the same way about all issues.

  10. Conversations happen, you just don't see it because the more center people are afraid of asking questions in public

  11. Rational people who have an IQ above about 95 will probably be able to be convinced, but we're influenced too much by emotion, we have mirroring neurons in our brains and those with low IQ tend to follow whatever is the loudest, not the brightest. They recognize emotional responses and respond reciprocally along with the herd's rhetoric and accusations, regardless if true without being objective.

    Mind you, I'm not saying tribalism doesn't exist in higher IQ individuals however those who will not change their mind from normal rhetoric are overly emotional and they change their behavior and ideas based on that. These people are also impulse buyers and are a large reason for severe poverty. You and I can have a discussion about things and be objective, many people cannot, you've met them, so then how do they become that way to become irrational? Well? Clearly we know how, and does it work? Yes, for those people, the same people that get more people to think like them that have low IQ, polarizing them, and then their vote is the same as yours. Rationality doesn't matter.

  12. Love Trump. He's the only president in recent memory to kept his champaign promises. Hey I voted for Obama the first time, so it's funny that it was Trump that actually brought the Hope and Change. Trump 2020

  13. I think Tim is confused.

    He wonders why they don’t act so they can change people, but they aren’t trying to hate minds.

    They’re trying to look cool.

    They hate people who don’t follow their ideology. They don’t want to make friends with them – they want to hurt them. They want to destroy the enemy.

  14. Felony Vandalism?
    On the up side he may have just eliminated a 1 more Progressive voter by taking himself off the roles.

  15. Destruction is what the Left do. Nothing of good value throughout history was ever produced by the Left. They tear down imperfect reality and replace it with a utopian dream.

  16. Trump’s pussy comment was obviously a joke. If you listen to the quote, it’s evident he was talking in hypotheticals. If he ever actually assaulted women, they would & should come forward. Consensual sex doesn’t count (sorry not sorry)

  17. He was not my first pick, or my second pick, but I am willing to work with him
    I like the fact he has called out the NATO allies on them not paying their agreed upon amount for NATO security.
    I like the fact he has gone back to many trade agreements and tried to get them restructured.
    I like the fact he has tried to connect with the people in the middle of America that have been crapped on for 8+ years
    I like the Tax reform he has made, that gives money back to everyone.
    I like that many businesses have much more confidence and are spending more.
    I like the fact the Trump has kept the US out of climate accords that the US already has completed all requests except for giving India and China BILLIONS of dollars.

  18. I don’t agree with everything you say or ur political views but I’m not gonna unsubscribe just because of that. I’m here because you break down topics that interests me and I can compare and contrast ideas. But at the end of the day I don’t hate you and everyone has their own to worry about. I support trump and my friends don’t but that’s ok cuz neither politics, women or money will come between our friendship.

  19. The Left like to vent their rage on inanimate objects, American Flag, Trump's Hollywood Star, etc. What is scary is that the Democrats I know are happy about the star incident and are in favor of Antifa and socialism, although they have no idea what socialism is, or how dangerous Antifa can be if it turned on them. I have become isolated from my community because I am not a Trump hater and do not believe in violence or socialism. I only know one other person who is reasonable about these matters. I left the Dem party and registered as an Independent because of the insane Left.

  20. This is perfect. Memorialize his ejection from the self-appointed Hollywood pantheon. This can only make him a stronger leader for Americans, more polarized against our enemies within.

  21. It costs a lot of money (5,000 USD I believe) to replace the star every time. They are just wasting money. Though it is good that the local guild responsible for it is happy – they get free money.

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