Social Media Star Ep 6 | Abhishek Bachchan, Varun Grover

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From Abhishek Bachchan’s obsession with birthday wishes to Varun Grover’s violent cat massages, Janice Sequeira gets our guests to reveal crazy deets about their online lives, on the latest episode of #SocialMediaStar.


  1. Varun Grover plz come up with more political satires or something like aisi taisi democracy we require more of it right now especially now wen the country is goin thru such a bad phase

  2. Abhishek is such a fucking charmer. And he's quite underrated. Some of his film choices may have been a little eccentric, but he's definitely talented. And he's so sensible and intelligent, it sucks when people are so mean and disrespectful, and constantly scrutinize what he does.

  3. Abhishek I am with you, I don't like either, but you know people eat nor for the test, for healthy reason, bcz broccoli is very good for health.

  4. It's "ChenaPod(a)" from land of sweets Odisha. The pronunciation goes on like Che- of kemche, na no in Hindi, po po of poland and da- like d of dubsmash.

  5. So Varun Grover named his cat on a famous Odia sweet – "chhenapoda". I just wanna know the background story Varun…

  6. Janice is a long-time favorite, I like her ever since she started journalism. And she's way too intelligent to be talking to AB

  7. Good episode, but i am not sure but still feel that abhishekh bacchan is trying a fake accent (England) at a few instances

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