South Park Slams Kim Kardashian & Kanye’s Return Explained

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  1. Kanye west and kim carcrashian deserve eachother both talentless obnoxious nigs who try to be white soooooo badly its rewlly pathetic.

  2. "— Saying Black people like Beyonce are better deserving of the award."

    No .. what he said was "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time"

    Where'd the "Black people like Beyonce" part come from?

  3. One Photoshop to rule them. One Photoshop to find them and to bring them into the darkness and the land Kardashian.

    Humm……though if the girls are learning Photoshop then at least they are learning a skill that, if redirected, could help them later in life in by learning other computer skills….if redirected that is. At least until there are so many people with the same skill that it no longer becomes an option for a solid job path.

  4. Btw way I hated Kanye but I watched the 2 videos invoked in Beyonce and Swift and he's right . So if you hate him for the rude interuptiokn watch the 2 vids and comment (it's not nice or acceptable buts admit only if he is right about his point not execution)

  5. Kim Kardashian is not ugly by any means…. Physically… But just her ungodly ANNOYING personality makes me think she's ugly physically as well as mentally.

  6. Why don't you tackle real shit why like Masterchief is such bullshit?! The last MC & MC Jr were pure SJW bullshit but you have never addressed those topics. It's like you just really hate black people. Dude get over it and deal with the real world. Did you lose a white girl to a brother or what? Your intense hatred of black men is all too apparent. I would almost feel sympathy for you if you weren't such a racist and/or bigot.

  7. Fucking Kim kardashian would be like fucking a bucket of old rags from a mechanics, soaked with warm mayonnaise.
    A. That's fucking weird.
    B. You'll probably get a disease.

  8. Funny indeed, but Kanye is still awesome… dude might not be articulate but he sure as hell knows what's up.

  9. Good video, but this was all '2013 Kanye'. The Kanye we hear about in the news very frequently today is a totally different person. He is challenging other blacks to think and speak for themselves. He is trying to free his people from mental slavery and self-proclaimed victimization, that's why the media is attacking him with every opportunity.

    Some people claim that he is just trying to be edgy for the release of his next album, but he's been friends with Trump for a while now. Don't forget how he had a 'mental breakdown' on a performance last year, right before being hospitalized. The 2018 version of Kanye has seen how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Let's just agree that Kanye is different than most mainstream, garbage rappers out there that virtue signal and preach liberal propaganda in fear of otherwise losing their jobs, like:
    – Eminem
    – Snoop Lion
    – xxxtentacion
    – Childish Gambino
    – Kendrick Lamar

    Mainstream hip-hop hates Kanye for a reason; he's off their plantation.

  10. Wendy should have renamed her photoshop picture from "My Pic" to "Number 12" – Because "Number 12 Looks Just Like You".  It's a reference to the Twilight Zone episode.

  11. Now let’s be honest. If I photo shopped myself to be super curvy, cellulite free, tan, blonde, taller, etc. people who would actually get to meet and see the real me without a doubt would know i used Photoshop. Especially of the photo was posted a week ago there’s no way that I would lose my curves height hair skin tone in a matter of seven days.

  12. I like the fishdick episode more, but it was funny to. Thx no BS for your vid. Have a good day sir^^

  13. Funny, I come here to watch something called "No Bullshit" and all I see is right wing snowflake bullshit. Huh.

  14. Your one of my favorite haters, your great some of the time but sometime your the one full of bullshit. Things are changing get with it, our stay in the past. It's cute how many followers you get on YouTube. I know has nothing to do with this video. I just needed you to know how i feel about you. Have a nice day.

  15. 'Beer Goggles' are a thousand times more effective than Photoshop, therefore, I call Bullshit. If fat women are having trouble dating, it's because of MeToo style shenanigans making men afraid to hook up with just anyone. Otherwise, the bar could not be lower. This episode was a virtue signal. Nothing more.

  16. So tell me again how the fat lipped, obese assed gremlin Kim Kardashian is considered hot by Americans?

  17. The Hobbit is not a Lord of the Rings spinoff, it's the prequel to Lord of the Rings, even though the movie came after the trilogy.

  18. Kim Kardashian doesn't use photo shop, she uses Botox.

    – I mean seriously, the woman's more Botox than biology at this point.

  19. "THE HOBBIT!" For revisiting this, I have only one word: Huzzah! But yeah, this episode is HARSH onto Wendy! It's like, her words are misinterpreted to make it seem like SHE is the one who's intolerant, when really, she's trying to be anything but. Something about that actually slightly hurts to watch, but still…

    Also, how DID Kanye West get into Wendy's house?! Plus, even though I think banning Photoshop is a little extreme, I can at least for the most part agree with Wendy about all these women being fakes these days…and how marketing towards creating fakes is far too normal for my tastes. It's the most standout reason for how I can think of there being a worse thing than being single, if that puts it into perspective. I think all the makeup chemicals would make me want to puke like Stan from Season 1.

  20. Does anyone else remember when 'Lisa' was called 'Lorraine?' Or when Butters' dad was called Chris and not Stephen? Get ya shit together, ya doofuses….

    On a side note, I actually did see a picture of Kim Kardashian without makeup on the cover of some magazine a few years ago, and muh dick nearly exploded. Some people really benefit from the 'natural' look. Don't even get me started on Shoe0nHead. Jesus Christ….

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