The Black Pill and The White Pill

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The Blue Pill and Red Pill are common concepts among the Alt Right. What is the Black Pill?

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  1. "It's all hopeless"

    Yeah, America is fucked. We just have to accept that, as there is virtually no way to rise up without military intervention stopping us. But to say we can't possibly start a new country somewhere with strict immigration laws and sealed borders is ridiculous. Conquer a sparsely-populated part of the world with plenty of resources and build from there. And if white men are really too pussy, disorganized, or absorbed in left-wing morality to do that then by Darwinian logic we deserve to be wiped out.

  2. take THE SLAV PILL, Ramsey.

    The only surviving White people in 2100 will be squatting and wearing tracksuits.

  3. I guess I'd take both pills? I wouldn't want to waste my whole life taking the white pill, doing and fighting for what I believe is right when I may never see the outcome. There needs to be time for resting, and enjoying what life you have.

  4. White and black pill where the black pill is hopeless and the white pill is the only way and best way. Great analogy to the whites and blacks.

  5. As a conservative Roman Catholic (i wont elaborate as all too many immature alt-right atheists/odinist/pagans are as easily triggered by the mention of Christianity as scum liberal progressives) who only returned to the Church as a result of my investigations into the vitriolic and incessant attacks Christians and particular Roman Catholics are experiencing on a daily basis.
    I have learned through my Parish Priest and other conservative Catholic Priests, Monks and Theologians that Christianity will in the near future be attacked and persecuted to the point that in the west an increasing number of parishioners will leave the Church in droves with their numbers not being replaced, which will result in the closure of most Churches, of course atheist haters on both sides of the political divide will be rubbing their hands in glee at this prospect. Those remaining Christians who will stand by the teachings of God are the white pilled Christians. Their faith is so strong that they see the sacrifices that Christian martyrs have made throughout the centuries in the defense of the faith as honorable and something to emulate. Are atheists/pagans willing to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs?

    Note: for those who are unaware who have particular views as a result of laziness, a lack of critical thinking abilities and being the success stories of media induced social engineering there is at this very moment a major power play going on within the Vatican between liberal progressives ( influenced by Masonic plants) claiming to be Cardinals, Bishops, Priests etc and traditional Cardinals, Bishops, Priests etc, this has been going on for many years, hundreds to be exact. So whenever you read in the media about a particular Priest being involved in a particular issue or the Pope making silly statements know that these and many other problems the media focuses on are not what the Catholic Church represents.

  6. Ram Z I can sum it up in 3 quotes.

    "Those who forget their History are doomed to repeat it"

    "History is written by the victors"

    "History repeats itself"

    In that ^ order.

  7. The black pill concept totally went over your head,its a shaming/mocking phrase for exactly the kind of defeatist bs you mentioned. The ((elites)) are already failing they have no future as a viable body politic and will collapse demographically faster than any group they despise. Between your sarcasm and flipfloppping its hard to tell even what you believe at this point. I can look back at your videos even on the past year and its like you're a different person

  8. You don't need Christianity, because you can be stoic. You do what's in your character to do. (That's what 'what God wants you to do' looks like to you God-believers.)

    Like those inspirational posters say, "You cannot discover new oceans if you're afraid to lose sight of the shore". Ie, you may not know where you're going until you're underway.

  9. Ramzpaul is just another a Jewish shill attempting to lead-on viewers by telling us what we already know before attempting to discourage rebellion under the false notion that it would be a futile effort and a waste of time. The White demographic is still the majority in the U.S. and the anti-establishment movement is growing rapidly within all racial demographics. The Jewish lies have lost their effect, the world is once again awake to the source of the global cancer.

  10. The black pill is for childless people like Merkel.
    If your are not childless or even if you like your nephews then it is the white pill.
    I am agnostic and I have nothing against the Christian glue.
    If it works…
    And if you think about it, why let them fuckers win?

  11. I think even if he gets enough votes to win, it won't show that he got enough votes; it doesn't 'matter', it's already been decided…

  12. Excellent video, Kamerad! I was really anti-marriage and anti family, because I see how marriage just hurts men and children are used against men by the state and by women. I still believe that our society hates men and marriage is wrong. I got married in the end for practical reasons, but I decided to have kids, because I still have hope.

    Maybe it is stupid and maybe I will lose my money and be ripped off by the courts and what not. At least I tried to have intelligent offspring and to continue civilization.

  13. As a Brit, the good guys definitely lost the american revolutionary war. Make America Great Britain Again.

  14. What the fuck is wrong with white people? Who is going to kill you guys off? I can't understand why white men are acting like scared little bitches who are afraid of everything that moves. There is no way there is going to be a white American genocide. You guys make up like 70% of the population. You can't even go into a black or latino neighborhood without running into 100 white people. Are you guys planning on killing each other off? (I hope not. I really don't see that happening. Besides that's not genocide; it is more like racial suicide.) There aren't enough blacks and latinos who are hostile to you, to even dent your population, even if the whole of each race were hostile. Seriously, can someone tell me who is planning on killing you? You people need to stop watching so much news it's all mind control bullshit meant to play on your emotions. Really its all bullshit. There is no logic there.

  15. and what's gonna happen when the entire planet becomes one big Latin America with 50% Muslims? Global warming, overpopulation. What corrupt government will take care of these issues? They will just genocide themselves.

  16. I'm def blackpilled as far as foreign policy goes. Trump's been pretty good domestically. No funding of PP for the states!

  17. Red and Blue pills werent started by the alt right, nor was it really adopted by the alt right, it was started by MGTOW and 4chan. I hate when you people (those ignorant of the real internet) try to explain things that you dont understand.

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