The Black Women’s Defense League Taking Aim at Racism and Misogyny

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VICE’s Wilbert L. Cooper meets the Black Women’s Defense League, a Dallas-based womanist organization notable for its pro-gun stance. As he follows them from their political education classes to their firearms training, he sees how they fight against white supremacy and patriarchal violence.

Caramel Curves: New Orleans’s All-Female Biker Gang:

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  1. If you wanna talk about black people then you never have lived as an African American step in my shoes and you will see

  2. I like that they actually addressed the violence of black men and the secretive nature of their community. The abuse, child molestation, and incest is often kept secret. And I'm all for people exorcising their second amendment rights. Too bad the issues within their own community was only briefly mentioned, and it segued into typical white supremacy crap.

  3. A black man is responsible lol….. Divide and conquer. Of course you should protect yourself ……but don't think they wouldn't use this against the black community. As far the uncle touching you and all that, trust if we knew he was doing that he will be in the river somewhere. The problem is you wait 15 years to tell anybody most times, and by then the mother f'er is dead and out of reach.

  4. Yes, please give guns to these paranoid schizophrenics that believe all white people are out to get them. The only good news is, with all of their notoriety for unhinged emotions, they'll all probably kill each other while practicing. LOL bunch of snack-pack throwers.

  5. As a "white" man (Slavic-Semitic, actually) who believes in self-defense, I have no problem with this. Black women taking responsibility for their own well-being, to deal with threats they face within their communities as well as from without? I'd take my hat off to youall (if I wore one).

  6. So most of the time black man kill black woman but they fight against racism somehow? I cant understand you, it seems like to me that you press this racist aganda but the root of the problem is in the black community.

  7. Let fight racism with more racism. You guys are the fucking problem. Blame Whites for all your problems. Then blame man for all woman problems. Look in the mirror and take your own dumb actions don't blame anyone else but you're fuking self

  8. Good lord, black people kill each other enough. Now the black on black violent crime rate will go up as black women start killing their own like black men do.

  9. Just point them at your own people, since that is where all the crime is coming from. I swear Latinos, need groups like this to protect themselves from blacks both female and male.

  10. I'm the opposite of Americans I think. guns are cool but shouldn't be there for self-defense, just recreational use imo. Idk, I just feel like you carrying something so destructive is not a good thing you know? But then again, my life is not threatened every fucking day so why would I see the need for having a firearm as a self defense tool?

  11. See, gun rights supporters should share videos like this instead of their usual material. This makes me more supportive of the second amendment then everything the NRA put out over the last 5 years combined.

  12. VICE give up already. everyone hates your shitty racist videos that try to glorify all these racists and fascists. VICE you are a joke. nobody takes you seriously in the real world. you have no idea what journalism is.

  13. These people act like it’s still the 1800s. Stop being willfully ignorant of all the work that the civil rights leaders did in the 60s.

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