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Ryan Hollinger is a Design & Animation graduate from Northern Ireland, working freelance in media production and broadcast.


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  1. I can't pin down your accent. Is that Northern Ireland? It's throwing me all over the place and it's driving me mental! Great video though

  2. I haven't watched this movie, but I've watched The Truman Show recently and it was a damn brilliant movie! Made me wonder if we're indeed living in some simulated world where we are toyed around for some sadistic entertainment through the "fate" concept.

  3. i saw this in the cinema as a kid………thought it was crap, but then again i was a kid so it probably went over my head haven't really gone out of my way to watch it since.

  4. I always loved this film from the opening screening that I was at. I could not believe how the general public trashed it based entirely on the fact that Jim Carrey wasn’t doing his usual shtick. I was mesmerised by the fact that he was finally given a chance to actually deal with some form of heavy-handed character development with such a seamless bridge between comedy and drama. Add to that the obvious social/psychological themes of the film, and it was clearly a fantastic piece of entertainment from the get-go.

  5. O.J. Simpson?!?! Are you sure it wasn't more influenced by the Menendez brothers trail, which also play out on tv? But very entertaining otherwise I loved this movie. What are your thoughts on Mystery Men. Most people hated that too.

  6. Always loved this movie. Nice to see someone putting the same thoughts down. Also just nice to see a positive review of something so often looked on so negatively. +1sub

  7. Jim Carrey said on the Norm Macdonald show that his favourite movie is Network (1976), watch that movie and you'll understand why Jim did Cable Guy: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

  8. You said Been Stiller instead of Matthew Broderick in the beginning. That being said, I love this movie and so did Stephen Hawkins apparently.

  9. Here's the thing though. While I agree that this movie is woefully underrated, I don't agree it was because people didn't understand its satirical elements. In my opinion, the attempted satire in this movie feels tacked on, and is not truly integrated with the narrative of most of the movie. Chip's extreme behavior cannot be explained by being left alone to watch a lot of television, and Steven's romantic relationship is only related to television in that it is something they like to do together. This whole angle adds nothing to the movie as it is being experienced.

    For me, what's good about this movie is the way it subverts your expectations and not just within the narrative of the movie itself, at the time it also subverted the narrative of Jim Carrey's career, as you mentioned. While this idea can be appreciated intellectually after the fact, the power of this subversion could only be felt during the time this movie came out, with Jim Carrey at the peak of his cultural relevance. While Chip makes you slightly uncomfortable at first, he eventually becomes bone-chilling, beginning with his attack on Robin's douchebag date in the bathroom. At this moment, the film changes. and you realize this guy is dangerous. You realize this before Steven does, and it creates tension. You couple this type of story, which has been told before as you pointed out, with Jim Carrey's strange energy and elaborate set pieces and you have something unique. While ultimately I would call this movie a success, it is certainly flawed.

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