The Genisis of Jihadi Satire

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  1. Was that part towards the end when you're saying: "They're brothers, they're fathers, they're work colleagues, etc." inspired by the end lines from Beyond The Mat?

  2. This film is in my top three favourite films and I right right right fancy watching it again right… nnnnnnow.

    (also I did notice the lack of Islam adherence amongst the main characters, for me it drew a parallel to another great film about extremism, id, looking at football hooliganism but you don't see any football at all)

  3. It's brilliant videos like this, that make me realise why I've been subscribed to you for so many years Richard.

  4. You want to hear some jokes that Muslims say to each other? Here's a recent one (It's about the World Cup).

    An Egyptian Imam in a mosque said to the people, 'Come, let us pray another time so that Allah will favor Egypt's team in the world cup!' Everyone in the mosque then got up and left. 'But wait! Don't you want Allah to favor our team?'.

    The last man to leave the mosque turned around and called back. 'Habib, Saudi Arabia has the Kaaba, and they already lost!'

    See, that's fucking hilarious if you know ANYTHING about Islam, and yes, they did say this to one another.

  5. Considering that most of my friends are ex or active military, I think that terrorist activity would go pretty smoothly

  6. One of the best British films ever made for my money.

    Excellent vid. I appreciate the effort it took.

  7. If you want more brilliant comedies from Chris Morris check out Brass eye, the day today and if you want to be truly weirded out check out Jam

  8. Loved the video, such a comprehensive view of the movie (bar the technical aspects, but that does not seem to be used in any unique way to my recollection)

  9. One thing I would add is that Omar's brother is far more strict with his religious beliefs than he is, Omar even chastise him for his Othodox ways. I may be wrong, but I took that as meaning, the more religious someone is doesn't mean the more they want to blow things up or anyone or anything around them to change for there own beliefs.

  10. Four Lions was hilarious, though I think it may have been renamed here in Canada. Can't recall what, but I knew it from the description you gave.

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