the lost story of zelda part 23 2of 2

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This is a project my sister is working on, so if you can plz refrain from the critisizm.

This is a fan-fiction story she has worked on for a while so if you watch you’ll probably like it. And if you dont like Legend of Zelda at all, Why are you here?!?!

Anyways, enjoy, I think there’s more to come
All photos and music do not belong to the owner(s) of this video. They are there to help viewers better understand the story better and are not intended for copyright infringement. i want to make it clear. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED and any likeness or similarities to any others stories out there are merely coincidence


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  14. Wow! a little bit of a shaky start, but definitely a solid ending to a great series! cant wait to watch the rest

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