The Orville Predicts a Social Justice Dystopia (Spoilers)

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  1. Certainly a scathing, and outraged dialogue on something that's been going on since mankind has walked the earth. No one could count the sheer amount of people in the world that have been brought into it only to have it turn on them like a rabid demon dog, and rip them to shreds as if everything bad in the world is somehow their fault, as if we had a choice to begin with in coming here in the first place. World's a sick fucking place. Always will be. You have said nothing new here, and I can think of at least one person in the past that said all this in one simple statement. Whomsoever of you that is without sin, cast the first stone. World is full of hypocrisy. Full of people that like to blame others. Full of people that get blamed, and feel blamed, and learn to react to it in a sick form of self preservation by deflecting the blame and placing it onto another so as to save their own ass. Some people get so masterful at it, it's utterly terrifying to witness. Justice turned on it's head. A ravenous beast loose on the world to devour and destroy. It can't be sated. It won't listen to reason. What you said here tore talons into the heart of the matter, but it will change nothing. The world longs for destruction, and it will have it. It's sad, too, because, it doesn't have to be that way. Everyone is triggered, and it's always someone else's fault. But again, no one in the history of the world ever asked to come into it. Which, effectively means, everyone that is here right now, is to blame. And, still, you will bring yet another child into this boiling cauldron of sickness just in time to watch them burn.

  2. 5:35 the Welsh don't come from Gaelic stock like the Irish and Scots. They're Britons, not Gaels. They and the Bretons are Brythonic Celts. The Irish and Scots and Manx are Goidelic Celts.

    That said — the cautionary aspect of this episode will be COMPLETELY lost on the SJWs. They are so full of themselves, and so wrapped up in their own self-righteousness, that they won't see the danger of their behavior until, as you yourself point out, the mob turns on them.

  3. The difference between Dave Cullen and I, is that he is choosing to fight this insanity, while I have basically given up. I think what caused me to give up, was when I realised just how many people on Reddit and Twitter WANT things to be the way they currently are.

    It's one thing to put yourself at risk for the sake of people, if said people want it and are grateful to you for doing so. It's another thing to do it when you are only going to be vilified and hated as a result. If the Millennials have proven anything to me, it is that they are not worth saving.

  4. The other thing to understand about the mob on Twitter or Reddit, is that while some do it because they genuinely get off on the sense of self-righteousness involved, others do it because they are basically cowards and hope to impress the first group by appearing outraged, as a means of ensuring their own acceptance. Sometimes people worry that if they don't seem to oppose something loudly enough, they will be accused of supporting it themselves.

  5. I loved this episode. Poking fun at our culture's obsession with social media mob mentality is hitting us all right where it hurts, and it's exactly where we all deserve to be hit. Doing that in a fun and engaging story, and hitting us with good comedic moments too makes for more deep and involving television than I've seen in a long time.

  6. I loved Scott Grimes as Malarkey in Band Of Brothers. Glad to see him in this show. Also it seems the series is beginning to showcase stories empasizing the various characters a little more, which may be a good thing. After all, that's what Star Trek TOS did in episodes like The Man Trap and The Conscience Of The King. The Orville has laid a couple of eggs, sure….but I am pleased personally with the hen.

  7. There were jokes about SJWs, but the episode itself didn't show a SJ dystopia, it showed a social media mob mentality distopia. And don't kid yourselves, you alt-righters and libertarians are just as bad if not worse when it comes to mob mentality and knee-jerk hatred then is the SJW crowd.

  8. Thank you for having skin thicker than a micron or two… As an Irish American, I COULD go ballistic every St. Patrick's day here (In the U.S), but I don't. Why? Because who the hell actually cares except those that are too sensitive to be a part of a reasonable, rational society…? People are out to find a niche, and it seems "being hurt" is the new niche… If I had the ability to employ this kind of outrage in high school for being picked on, I might have been able to have 75% of my classmates expelled. I guess now, I actually owe them some gratitude, for actually making me resilient and understanding that, "Words are words, I'm not dead." Besides, I am pretty sure we are all jerks at times, it is just a matter of picking and choosing which are "truly" offensive and which are mis-steps. The real question should be, "If 'person X' that offended you were drowning, would you save them?" Of all the people I have met and been either liked by or hurt by (or both), I can safely say I would let only (x) of them drown. There's your litmus test for real damage done.

  9. The doctor from deep space 9 is in the latest episode as the strong woman's (cheif of security) dad. On the video screen call

  10. I love your videos. Regarding Irish / Aussie relations though, transplant Irish are treated like 3rd class citizens over there. I know an Irish guy that lived there. He has seen “no irish allowed” and “irish need not apply” signs there.

  11. The Dave Cullen Show you act like this is something new. African Americans have been dealing with this for practically eternity. NO social network engineering needed.
    Plus if a African-American takes up a leadership position or somehow happens to make too make a lot of MONEY!
    LOOK OUT!! Bullseye targeted on back!

  12. Ask the people having hissy fits if someone with an Irish accent knocked on your grandmothers door and told her she needed her roof repaired, what would you tell her to do.

  13. It seems dangerous to ignore/ not give cautions out of fear they may be deemed as "racist." I would rather err on the side of caution and risk looking like a dick rather than seem virtuous but then get ripped off.

  14. When I saw this episode, I immediately thought, "This isn't fiction. This is our world today… right now." One little indiscretion (usually innocent and not mean-spirited at all) and you're getting crucified without a trial by the public at large. No real evidence… just a tweet or a 10-second video clip.

  15. This episode had nothing to do with social justice, as you call it. It was criticising social media! Both share a word, but they are definitely not the same. The way you frame it it sounds like social justice would be a bad thing. First, I don't get why or how you can miss the point of this episode. Second, I always wonder why people are afraid of equal rights for all people or gender equality or personal freedoms – all of those defining what "social justice" is about.

  16. Orville is an excellent show IMO. The star trek we deserve. Star Trek never took itself seriously. Lots of concerts, holodeck etc.

  17. More evidence that David Horowitz is right when he says, "Inside every progressive Is a totalitarian screaming to get out."

  18. I'm offended over their offense.
    I demand that the offended apologize to me for their offensive comments too the Minister offensive comment, which I do not find offensive, but find the comments of the offended offensive.

    I demand that the offended come out and defend their offensive comments.
    I will being listening closely to make sure your apology is not said in an offensive manner, offensive tone or using offensive words and cause me greater offense.
    Because if it does? I will go on the offense and attack you in defense of my feeling.

    Who's with me?

  19. I just stumbled on your channel and my opinion about you is very confused. You are obviously incredibly reasonable, but you have some ideas that seem odd and intrege me.

  20. This is the kind of social allegory Trek needs tobe doing. Think McFarlane did this show because it's not being done.

  21. Spot on with your analysis of today’s current crop of triggered snowflakes. But I didn’t feel the episode placed enough heat on the issue of out of control Social Justice Warriors.

  22. I avoided this video until I watched the episode last night. Chilling and thought provoking. It was another society like earth but totally enveloped in mass social hysteria

  23. Edit: Just watched half of the first episode: Loving it so far. Funny. No obvious emphasis on identity politics (not much yet anyways). The ship is beautiful, and the aesthetic style in general is excellent!

    Many people seem to be increasing resentful of some things they don't even understand, and that resentment has had its' flames fanned by anyone who wants to use the people who are "outraged". Which has been made simple by all the emphasis on anti-bullying, anti-offense, and "lets be nice to everyone all the time" policies being spread in schools at all levels.
    Where is this resentment, and angst coming from? Probably social media, the amount of insanely exaggerated and impersonal interconnections we feel these days, the media's emphasis on sharing stories about bad things happening, and the various other insecurity, unstable, chaotic, uncertain, high-speed, fast-paced, changes that can happen to seemingly anyone at any time these days. We are biologically perfected to live as hunter-gatherers in small groups of 5 to 50, with villages of maybe 500 being about the limit of pre-agricultural society. Does anyone even know history anymore? The perspective that comes with knowing history, even just the history of the 20th century, would be really useful to bring back. Oh wait, it's dominated by white males doing things to expand the edges of understanding & exploration…. so that's… bad? No. actually that's just the way life is. It doesn't mean women and the traditional feminine role is somehow lesser, it is just the way it is…. but all this identity garbage refuses that as some sort of racism… so I won't watch or support that mess; it's just a bunch of denial of reality and lies; which I think is so dangerous it could be the termite swarm that eats the foundations and causes the collapse of everything when a storm comes in conjunction.

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