The Philosophy and Contradictions of King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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  1. This has received a surge in views for some reason lately and a lot of people are asking the same thing, so I'll answer it here. Yes, the eyepatch switches sides throughout the video. This is because some cuts were flagged for copyright and I had to mirror them. I mirrored the footage for the flagged ones and a couple of others I was paranoid about, that's why there was the inconsistency.

  2. I think there was a bit more to the eclipse than proving Wrath wrong. I think it was somewhere in the middle. A meteor didn’t fall and crush him, he wasn’t struck by lightning, a sinkhole didn’t open beneath his feet. god didn’t strike him down, Scar did. If the eclipse hadn’t blinded Wrath, Scar would’ve died, but if Scar hadn’t attacked in that moment, he still would’ve died, god didn’t smite Wrath for Scar, god gave Scar the chance to act, and it was up to him to take it.

  3. all homoculi died in oposite of their name warth died peaceful and calmly as lust died in the hand of a men that have no decier for her and envy kill itself cause didnt want to be human no more glutony were eat for pride and pride didn't dead prode of itselt remains alive cause swallow his pride greed died when he felt it was enough with his friends and slut died fighting as hard he could

  4. Edward: doesn't believe in god
    God himself tells him that arrogant fools like him deserve what he gets…
    Wow, fmab dishes out karma even to the heroes…

  5. Erm.. it ain't darwinistic.. Social darwinism maybe, but that has nothing to do with the natural theory itself.

  6. its funny how people (and bradley) thought religion regressed mankind when in reality, it progressed it, giving us the renaissance and the enlightenment.

  7. I like the cold, quiet style of wrath in Bradley. It was great. Who thinks Lust was a true representation of lust? She seemed just a target of human lust rather than having philosophies and attitudes related to lust.

  8. "I don't quite think Bradley hates the fundamental idea of religion or god; he hates that these ideas tend to regress mankind and makes them meek and unwilling to act for themselves." This was a nuanced and well thought out point. Great video!

  9. Bradley is an allegory for Stalin. A man with an abusive, desolate past who was responsible for immeasurable human suffering, war, countless atrocities, and unfathomable carnage. Yet is beloved by millions to this day as a father figure. Which is what Führer means, a nation's father and leader.

  10. Random thought I just had. So you know how when Ling willingly took in the philosophers stone that was greed, Ling's personality was almost completely lost, and replaced with that of Greed's.
    Applying that same logic to a human taking a philosophers stone into their body, and their personality being lost, is it safe to assume that whatever personality King Bradley had prior to becoming a homunculus were washed away by the personality of another entity?

    Tell me what you think.

  11. Bradley is the PERFECT representation of wrath. There is nothing scarier in a fight or an argument than a person who stays absolutely calm, collected, and measured. That Bradley is so chill all the time despite the fact he is the literal embodiment of absolute anger/rage/wrath/ire just makes him even more of a threatening presence.

    The military saying of: "the quietest man in the room is always the most dangerous" is multiplied by a factor of ten when applied to Bradley, only once in the series is his rage unmasked, the rest of the time he remains in full control of his power and abilities, causing everyone to underestimate him constantly only to be cut apart by him with ease.

    Bradley in my opinion was one of the best examples of a sin, alongside Greed and Envy. Lust and Gluttony were probably the weakest representations.

  12. Great analysis, keep up the good work! By the way, noticed the Tyrano Lair theme from Chrono Trigger soundtrack. Best RPG ever!

  13. I suspect that in the internal battle for the body, the man was the one that won. Making Bradley not a Homunculus in a mans body. But a man with one power of a Homunculus. He ages and does not regenerate. even while having a philosopher stone at hand. Had he being a Homunculus, he would have absorbed the stone.

  14. I slept on this Anime for a while..( but this is how I am with a lot of things) Now this anime has become one of my favorites. Your videos have really helped me understand the characters and story on a deeper level. Thanks for the content.

  15. I think Wrath lives up perfectly to his namesake sin. Wrath is different from rage. Striking out in anger is a sin all people are guilty of, and can be forgiven for. Wrath, in contrast, implies a cold, calculating, purposeful cruently.

  16. i remember a scene with a skull. i don't know if i'm confusing the two fullmetal alchemist shows but bradley freaked out about it and it led to his death some how. its when his kid grabs it from the safe in his office. does any one know what im talking about?

  17. Well, he was right in that just praying to God alone wouldn't get anything done. I heard a line or quote somewhere (don't remember when) that "God helps those who help themselves". If "God" is actually the summation of the entire world, I take this to mean that WE need to make a full effort ourselve's before relying on any strokes of good luck to help us out.

    In Wrath's case, though, I think he was just venting frustration over having his entire life controlled by a higher power and hates the sight of others worshipping that concept.

  18. tbh wrath represents how anger grows out of control when its sealed in. considering wrath's arc it fits much better than thinking of wrath as just lashing out due to anger on the surface level

  19. I mean: it is very explicitly forbidden to treat others as human.
    Human transmutation is a tabboo. Why what, come on????

  20. Hey Aleczandxr can you please talk about Pride? He was the first homunculus and even Greed was afraid of him, calling him a monster.

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