The Revelation 12 Sign and Shabbat Shuva This is INCREDIBLE!!! Coincidence? I think NOT!

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This is an incredible find!! Look what coincides with the Revelation 12 sign this September! Below are some excellent links to explore:

Shabbot Shuva Info:

Supporting Data for Revelation 12 excellent resource:

An excellent, informative Revelation 12 resource video:


  1. NOTHING from the scripture will come to pass in September.   Yahweh always warns people first.    In 687 BC a KING got cancer . This KING did not obey Yahweh so Yahweh could not talk to him. So Yahweh told Isaiah the prophet to tell the King he was going to die. The King went to his bed and started crying and saying he did not want to die. Yahweh heard the King and told Isaiah to tell the King that Yahweh would give him 15 more years to live. Yahweh told Isaiah to tell the King to put a fig poultice on his arm and his cancer would be healed. This the King did and his cancer was cured. The King did not trust in Yahweh so he asked Isaiah how he could know Yahweh was telling him the truth. Isaiah said to the King:" Do you want the sun to go forewords or backwards in the sky 10 degrees. .?" This King was not very smart but he knew that the sun always went forewords in the sky so he said :" Make the sun stop and go backwards in the sky." Yahweh stopped the earth spinning and made the earth go backwards 10 degrees. The King believed and lived for 15 more years. BUT the King wished he had not lived for those 15 years. Yahweh used the comet passing the earth to stop the earth spinning and go backwards 10 degrees. This is when the earth was pulled out of it's creation orbit of 360 days in a year and 5 and a quarter days were added to Yahweh's creation year. Look it up , It is all written. ALL the nations at that time recorded the changing of the calendar from 360 days to 365 and a quarter days in the year. The nations all over the world chiseled this event in STONE for all who want to know the truth. Seek the truth and you will find the truth. So it is written. This story is written in the scripture for all who will believe. The pagans recorded this event in STONE for all who come afterwards to see. You need to know these things because that comet is returning soon. Rev. 8: 8.
    In 687 BC a comet passed the earth and pulled the earth out of it's creation orbit and added 5 and a quarter days to the calendar year.
    Soon the SAME comet will return and because the earth is now in the direct path to hit the earth because of what came to pass in 687 BC NASA will fire nuclear missiles and deflect the comet away from the earth. This they do.
    the comet passes inside the earths orbit around the sun and pulls the earth back into it's creation orbit of 360 day year.
    The earth passes through the tail of the comet. This is the 1ST trumpet.
    The comet goes around the sun and come back and hits the earth. This is the 2ND trumpet. The comet hits in the middle of the Pacific.
    The tail of the comet is now radioactive and hits the fresh water on a third of the earth and people die by drinking the radioactive water. This is the 3RD trumpet.
    When the comet hits the earth the earth is speeded up on its rotation by 1 Third.
    The 24 hour day will become 16 hours. This is the 4TH trumpet.
    May Yahweh give you understanding of these salvation scriptures of things to come.
    Bless you

  2. "Revelation 12, Michael's Birth, Anointing, Catching Up and Return Signs!"
    Yes, I'm spamming this. Because I think it is important.

  3. This is a really great video. I thought I heard the Lord say so when I started listening. Good job! Keep testifying because your words are being heard by the people who need to hear them! God bless!

  4. I examine this subject in detail at "The Rescue of the Bride" The Great Sign of the Woman appears on September 23, 2017 exactly at sunset in Jerusalem – exactly at the end of Rosh Ha Shanah, exactly at the time of the blowing of "the last trump." [The two (2) day observance will start one day late this year.] In my opinion, this is the "rescue" date. We see the first evidence that the "rescue" has occurred when "The Great Multitude in White Robes" [Revelation 7:9ff] appears in the throne room of Yahuah (God) twelve (12) days later just after the opening of the Sixth Seal on October 5, 2017. These events allow us to unlock the timeline of the Book of Revelation.

  5. Thank you. In love for you and all who reads this post. Please be ready to be raptured by obeying Peter's message on the day of Pentecost. You must be baptized in the NAME OF JESUS FOR REMISSION OF SINS AND RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST to be saved. Research the book of Acts and see how the believers were added to the church. Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born again of water and Spirit to come into His kingdom. That is Acts 2:38. That is how to be ready for the rapture…there is no other name given whereby we must be saved. Using the titles of Father, Son and Holy Ghost will not do! JESUS IS THE SAVING NAME THAT REMITS SIN!

  6. Thank you for posting this! I just put this together with Shabbat Shuva and found your video. Maranatha!!

  7. You know I have never said it but this entire deal our Plan B is all because of *THE MALE CHILD" that is what happened ! Satan's sin is hidden in Revelations 12:5:4 !! That was Satan's sin and how he his it for thousands of years ! Killing and Sacrificing children to Satan is his revenge against God ! its below its the biggest secret on the planet ! The TRUTH is Gods grand child soul birth was lost in the birth of the "male Child" that's a fact ! Here `°•@ Time is not always your friend an in this war of good an evil there are no rules the latter knows his fate is sealed in time and the other time is on God's side but on the day of the lord what you first think you see as up may be them from below. So many scriptures and time lines prophecies and all the dates have been checked off by these experts an cleric's in the bible. Leaving no question here to the authenticity of this event to come September 23rd as I have said don't be surprised because of this game of no rules a situation where Satan's evil in high places piggy backs on the coat tails of God showing the world this time line of what happened in this matter that led to the world being caught up in a plan B when he displays Revelation 12 in the heavens. One of the only things I see not checked off in the bible as of yet is a peculiar entry that refers to you in the world being thrown into jail in the words "You may be in jail for 10 days." Now that entry could be for me cause I know I am hell :)) But I would remember I said this verse is in the bible and watch for an event of this magnitude in the world. Everything else has been popping out of the bible like popcorn whether you know it or not. But what I ran into last night on utube with this silly illuminati "THE EVENT" that many of you may have been seeing these last couple years as I have on utube. That has been hinting of the "EVENT" has now cuddled up to September 23rd date as the event day :/ That's not God that's a Satan deception and it has now attached its self to God's day of September 23rd not surprising of course but their mistake is to your advantage if you see the bible tells you when they say the Lord is here or there not to fall for their deception in that as they have shown you in the words in the bible ! Jesus will not be placing one foot on this earth in this matter. So throw rocks at the first Jesus you see :)) it's a Satan Pleiadian deception and your not a starseed in this :)) Like I say Satan may very well piggy back on the tails of this eclipse on September 23rd it's the last chance at hurting Gods numbers of salvation in the world and that's what this is really all about hurting God with killing as many people as Satan can for his pay back against God. So remember Gods frequencies can open your roof's up and the angels can retrieve you so be wise an aware and go inside when you see the arrivel of the false "rapture" in the sky's &))) :)) 😉 @•°`

    `°•© Deceptions come with advanatages and disadvantages but in this matter God left you enough clues in the bible to enable you to see past these deceptions and be victorious over this final deception. Remember when the sun comes up on September 23rd if you haven't seen the blue beam Pleiadien false rapture you could see it later on in that day 🙂 it's simple Satan is not going to allow God to take you home without him trying to steal an kill you before God can get you home so think. @•°`

    *@ 1.

    *@ 2.

    *@ 3.

    *@ 4.

    *@ 5.

    *@ 6.
    @ The "male Child" was Satan's that's the Masons biggest secret hidden in Rev. 12:5:4 Satans sin in heaven @•°`

    *@ 7.

    *@ 8.

    *@ 9.

    *@ 10.

    *@ 11

    `°•@ This eclipse on August 21st is Gods finger across America. A eclipse has about 6 minutes of sweet time then it moves out of sink. This eclipse will stay in place completely across America as your final call @•°`

    *@ 12.


    Notice this eclipse lasted 6 minutes August 21st it last all across America the God touch :))

    @ NOTE : The two days of September 21st & 22nd are known to the Jews as the hour an the day nobody knows. They are looking for a sliver of the moon before the full moon an tell the father's to tell their sons to go get their brides Key ! And they go at 11 at night 11:11 means God astrol journey an rapture @•°`

    `°•© This is your rapture alright and the best part is God himself has shown you in the heavens it's about to happen. God wanted the world to have a fair oppertunity to repent and come to the Lord in the world as you see that's because he is a loving ethical and kind God wanting all things to turn out good for his people. So there are no excuses as to your not knowing the future Good Luck @•°`

    @ @

    @ Don't be fooled the bible tells you heaven is at war with the snake – reptilians , Pleidies – Pleiadians & Orion – Grays ! @

    @ Pleiadians are known to lie @
    @ @

  8. Judgement will come to America, God is not pleased! A so called "Christian Nation" teaches their children we came from monkeys, that elements and space dust formed them, they take the very knowledge of the Bible and turn it upside down! They sanction the sin of Sodom as good and right, and parade it down our streets for the children to see. We let our government and media harbor and cultivate a cesspool of sin from the tv programs, music, entertainment, movies, fashion – sexual perversion, intellectual manipulation, a greedy people. While the truth in the Bible remains to be seen. While we murder God's children in the womb, we starve them of the truth in school, we direct their minds and eyes to the sins of the world. We see evil for good and good for evil. Great sorrow and judgement will come upon all sinners not saved by Christ.

    I am writing this to bring light to the truth about Jesus Christ (Yahshua haMashiach) and God the Heavenly Father (YHWH), who is Holy and good. Christ and the Father are one, Christ is God embodied. It is by the grace of God that I am saved through faith and obedience unto Christ Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, the Living Lord of Lords, appointed to rule over all that is in Heaven and earth by the authority of Yahuah (YHWH).

    I have been born again by seeing that my ways were wicked, that my sin is an act of rebellion and is a stain upon the goodness of God and his glory. For without Christ, we are but vain men living according to the flesh and desires of this world, in ignorance to the ways of God.

    Without the love and grace of God, Jesus Christ would never have come to set us free, His love for us was so great that he sent his ONLY begotten son (fully man, fully God) to atone for all the sins of the world through a pure and Holy life, and bare the burden on the cross of cavalry, as an innocent and blameless image of God.

    It is by accepting God's grace through Christ Jesus, trusting and obeying the gospel and declaring with your lips that he is the Lord whom God has raised up from the dead on the third day, that we may be saved.

    It is a fearful thing to be in the hands of the living God almighty, for mighty men tremble at his glory. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we by no means take it lightly. We live and breath every word of the gospel to the glory of God. For it is by His grace that we are saved and forgiven of our past transgressions against him. We must walk in total obedience and faith in Christ Jesus, walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust and sins of the flesh.

    We must allow our old lives to fade away as dust unto the earth. It is by the power of the Holy Spirit, that we are able to overcome the desires of the flesh and this world and to truly know God. For the Spirit will reside in us and reveal that which is of God and Jesus, that which is Holy, and good. The triune or Holy Trinity is God in 3 parts, The Father, the Son (Jesus/Yahshua), and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and wisdom – a comforter dwelling inside of us, as we are a living temple of the Holy Spirit through our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

    Sin and the lust of the flesh creates separation from God, and may God bless us with conviction of our wickedness through the Holy Spirit. For these things are revealed to man by Him.

    It is then the work of a true repented Christian to live and walk with the Holy Spirit in obedience to the gospel of Christ, for this is our salvation. We must seek him diligently daily, through prayer, fasting, worship, and good works for His glory. For the Heavenly Father will not have you without walking in Christ and with Christ.

    May all born again believers be a light unto the lost, whom the god of this world (Satan – the fallen one) has blinded. For this earth and heaven will pass and be reborn by the power of God, but his word, the Holy Bible, will remain.

    The ones who do not accept the gospel of Christ, and the truth of salvation through Him, they are already condemned and will be thrown into Gehenna, the lake of fire, they will be ever consumed by the wrath which is increases by each sin and transgression against God, the Holy One. Who is all mighty, all good, all powerful, and all knowing. We should fear not man, but God who can destroy both the body and soul in Gehenna (lake of fire). For God is good/perfect, and it is by His righteousness will we (Christians) each be judged according to our works in Christ.

    Let it be known, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, the rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. For Satan is the god of this world, and he and the fallen angels have already their part in the lake of Fire and Sheol. We ourselves are powerless against Satan and the fallen ones yet, we are covered and protected by the power of God almighty once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and walk in faith and righteousness. Praise God!

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – sinners will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    A message from Christ through me:

    The devil/Satan, the god of this world, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus comes so that he may bring salvation to the lost and destroy the works of Satan:


    Wake up! The great tribulation and the mighty wrath of God is at hand:

    Many people have fallen victim to the indoctrination of our society, through merciless repetition and perpetuation in our schools, movies, games, tv shows, toys, news, etc. You probably believe that a bacteria evolved into a tadpole into a lizard, into a camel, then a monkey, then ape, then a human like a Pokémon. Do you know the odds of a cell evolving intelligently by chance?

    Check out this video:

    The theory of evolution requires a leap of faith in their fossil records in regards to the bridge of man and ape and the missing link. Fossils could be manufactured. Many people use acclimation or adaptation as a means of conjecture for supporting the class species evolution. Yet there is no observable proof of a class species change, due to the fact that they say that it takes millions of years to fully occur, which I believe is false. There is only adaptations within a species (beak of finch, color of skin of man, frog changes color, etc.) This is a leap of faith. So many people are invested in this because the academic society regards it as truth, while the professors get money and prestige, and to go against it would probably mean their career and life's work.

    If you believe in evolution, then you probably believe in the Big Bang theory. Saying that our complex DNA sprang forth from unintelligent elements and space dust is like saying that a that a Benz was the result of a Mercedes factory exploding. Without an intelligent force as the source of creation, nothing would be possible in terms of creation. If you think we are the result of haphazard random mutations, then what explains the common intelligent code among all living beings such as DNA, the phi ratio, golden spiral, and the fact that they are alive?

    All of these scientific based theories are undermining the genesis of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. They want you to think that there is no God and to just live as if YOLO and there is no consequence. Where does your spirit go when you die? We are the center of God's creation made in the image and likeness of our creator, God YHWH (Our flat earth is literally the center of the universe, a geocentric model with a dome):

    They want you to "do as thou will" as propagated by the Satanist Alister Crowley, as well as our American idols and media. The Bible says Satan is the ruler of this world. The elite who pull the strings are the 33rd degree Freemasons, Jesuits, and illuminati who influence and more or less control our society. They spray chemicals in our air daily, modify the DNA of our food with dangerous pesticides, drug us with pharmaceuticals, keep us busy with unimportant jobs and distractions, and want us to overindulge in poisonous fast food, wine, liquor, premarital sex, and lead us to value material wealth, and exalt ourselves on social media. They want us to believe in aliens and not demons or fallen angels or Satan. They want us to believe HAARP controls the weather and not God. They are cultivating a sinful environment, and we are all plugged in happily and ignorantly destroying ourselves and morals with selfish pleasures and constructed desires.

    They give us a false sense of democracy, an illusion of choice between partisanship. Their goal is propagate hate and fear, and to create a divide among people in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. They want to destroy lives, faith in God, morals, communities, and rule the world with a one world government and the collapse of fundamental Christianity. This is the goal of the matrix. They are building a one world government which will have one religion, don't get the mark of the beast, which could be an RFID chip in your hand or forehead

    Jesus is Lord and Savior

    Idols before God?

    Devil's playbook

    End-Times Scripture

    Ent-Time Disaster Signs

    World Run by Satanists

    Mainstream Satanic Indoctrination

    Satan is god of the media

    Rapture of the Body of Christ

  9. Gen. 1: 14.   Yahweh gave us the sun, moon and stars  so we would know the TIME  and the seasons.  Also  to  divide the day from the night.  NOTHING MORE.
      In Rev. 12  we are told about a " Woman". 
     YOU use  your understanding of  a 'woman'  to get uderstanding of the "woman" in Rev. 12  from Astrology.  The zodiac.    
    WHEN we  put our understanding of WHAT a " Woman"  is aside ,   THEN Yahweh can  tell Us His understanding of WHAT a " woman / woman" IS in  the the scripture. 
    WHEN we read  EVERY  scripture with the WORD " Woman" in it  We find that  a " Woman" in the scripture has TWO understandings. 
    The first  understanding is ALWAYS natural understanding.  A ' woman' is a human woman.
     As We read  EVERY scripture with the WORD WOMAN in it We find that a " WOMAN"  is also  a " CITY".
     WHEN we read  EVERY scripture with the WORD  "  HER"  in it We find that  the WORD " HER"  has two understandings.
      The first is ALWAYS Natural understanding.    The WORD " Her" is telling Us about a human woman.  
    The second understanding is telling Us that the WORD " HER"  is a " CITY". 

    WHEN We read EVERY  scripture with the WORD " SHE".  We find that the WORD " SHE" has two understandings.
     The first is ALWAYS Natural.   The WORD ' SHE' is telling Us about a human woman. 
    The second understanding is telling Us about  a " CITY".
     NOW we KNOW that in Yahweh's scripture the WORD " WOMAN"  is always a human woman OR  a " CITY". 
     NOW We can go to Rev. 12  and read with Yahweh's understanding of WHAT a " WOMAN" IS. 
     Reading  Rev. 12:  We find that  the WOMAN  mentioned here is NOT a human woman.   Therefore it MUST be a " CITY". 
     Yahweh's scripture tells Us  the NAME of this " CITY".
     In Rev.  17  We are told about a BAD WOMAN.   This  WOMAN MUST also be a " CITY". 
     Yahweh does not change.
       WHEN We ask Yahweh a question , He WILL answer us in plain and simple Words in His scripture.
     "   Father: WHO is the " CITY in Rev. 17.? 
    Rev. 17: 18  Yahweh tells us that the WOMAN is "  The great CITY'  that reigns over the Kings of the earth. 
     Again We ask:"  Father Tell us the NAME of this great CITY".
     Rev. 11: 8.   Tells us that " The great CITY is " WHERE Our /  Their LORD was crucified.
     The great CITY in  Rev. 17  is Jerusalem  at the time of the end.    WHEN SHE will rule over the KINGS of the earth. 
     NOW We can go to  Rev. 12  and ASK Yahweh WHO is the CITY in Rev. 12.
      The first thing We notice is that this CITY is a GOOD CITY. 
     In the book of Revelation " THE great CITY" is mentioned 9 times. 
    Without exceptions this CITY MUST be telling Us about Jerusalem.
     Rev. 11: 8.   The CITY is Jerusalem  on the earth. 
     The first  understanding is always natural.  
    The Last mention of " The great CITY"  is in Rev. 21: 9-  10. 
    This CITY is the NEW Jerusalem. 
    EVERY  other reference to the great CITY in the book of Revelation  MUST be describing The Jerusalem that now is OR  the heavenly CITY of Yahweh.
     In Revelation  18  We read  aout  " HER".  The Jerusalem that now is.
     In Rev. 18:  We are told about  "  SHE".
     Jerusalem is described as a WOMAN, A SHE,  A HER  all through the book of Revelation. 
     The woman in Rev. 12  is the NEW Jerusalem  birthing the born again  144,000  literal genetic SONS of Yahweh  SOON. 
     Gal. 4: 26   tells us that the NEW Jerusalem is Our Mother in heaven.
     ALL of Yahweh's scripture tells Us that  a WOMAN in the Spiritual is a " CITY".
     So says Yahweh.   It is a FEARFUL thing to say:"  SO SAYS YAHWEH".
     May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scripture of things to come. 
     Heb. 12: 14. 
    Bless you

  10. But we do not go to Heaven. Heaven comes to us, here on earth, with Jesus' return. The Bible could not be more clear on this point. The millennial reign begins here, once He returns.

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