The Tragic Real Life Story Of The Grateful Dead

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There aren’t a whole lot of musical acts you know my name that basically have zero radio play, but you sure know the Dead – thanks in large part to their devoted legions of “Deadhead” fans that kept showing up at concerts for decades. But the Grateful Dead’s transformation into one of the most beloved touring acts in the world was definitely a “long, strange trip.” For all of the positivity the band embodied, they were also beset by a series of unfortunate incidents, controversies, and… ironically enough, deaths. Here’s the tragic story of the Grateful Dead…

Childhood trauma | 0:28
Woodstock flop | 0:57
Pigpen departs | 1:41
Musical amnesia | 2:19
Another keyboardist lost | 2:54
Losing Jerry | 3:19
They never quite hit it big | 3:46
Rainbow-gate | 4:32

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  1. Dickhead Dead there is an interview with Garcia in which he bobbing around telling a pathetic story billed as hilarious. His head was screwed on backwards and he never quite managed to catch it up.

  2. Eh. Pretty shallow perspective on the Dead. But I guess how in depth can you go in a short video such as this. In my opinion there was a lot more to them than is told in this video

  3. This video is inexcusably bad. Just terrible. It has so much erroneous information. Ho did they get this so wrong? The recorded history of the band is readily available. Now I know Grunge is crap.

  4. “Never hit it big” bitch the shows sell out every show and guess what it’s the cheapest tickets you’d ever buy so ya I think we made it and I believe we will last forever , there’s always gonna be a deadhead out there , or someone playing Dead music for you , we have to keep it alive for jerry just like he would’ve wanted.

  5. People don’t know how to listen to there shit , ya “they weren’t successful, they did Woodstock and people really just wanna see the dead, how could you even ever say the didn’t make it big when they inspired so many deadheads, fuck this channel ,

  6. After watching about the first minute, it is easy to see that this is a load of garbage . . . aka flaming crap. So I conclude with this . . . "back to back, chicken shack".

  7. The song Touch of Grey hit number 9 on the Billboard's top 100, top pop music but the rock and roll music that actually hit number one it was the only number one hit ever wrote! That song truck Robert Hunter over 7 years to write and it took another five years so it went on a studio album or more! As far as the dead never making it big are you kidding me! They held records for the most shows played at the Philly Spectrum, they held records for the most shows played at Madison Square Garden sold out! At their peak in the late 80s early 90s they had 50,000 people traveling with them on the road. Considering that they were one of the bands that got very little radio time I think that they would probably consider themselves and a lot of other people probably the most successful band in the world! I own the Grateful Dead store for 26 years and there is no other band in comparison that had as many companies making merchandise for them as the Grateful Dead when they were at their Peak they literally had over a thousand merchandisers making merchandise for them. No other band could ever say we're not just a band we are a lifestyle! The Grateful Dead made the mold for all these other hippie bands to follow! How they play Giants stadium 3 4 nights in a row hundred thousand people at night and sometimes it was still hard to get a ticket. No they were never successful though. They made it big enough probably bigger than they ever thought they would be and at some point even probably had resentments for how big they came because of all the trash a lots and the fence is ripped down and everything else all the letters that went out in the late 80s early 90s saying they would stop playing if people didn't behave because there was so many people because they were so successful! You videos of the loft bed and you're not giving them what they deserve which is the upmost respect and they changed a lot of people's lives for the better.

  8. I am pretty sure that this video was just made to get views! That's not even Jerry on the thumbnail, and this whole video is the morphed truth. Not popular? Then tell me after all this time, how a version of the band (Dead and Company) can sell out every single show, with only 3 members of The Grateful Dead.

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