The World Series Of Poker $1,500 Event

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World Series Of Poker $1,500 Tournament
-ACR signup link – Bonus code = BOSKI
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How many $1,000 bullets can I fire?
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-Camera – Iphone 7 Plus
-Dash Cam – GoPro Hero 5 Black
-Editing Software – iMovie app – Free on iPhone

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  1. Thumbs up for the video – good vlog. But your game is pretty poor at the moment, what happened to the Boski who was getting back to back final tables and crushing the field?

  2. I often see these 3times the pot donkbets with a sh***y overpair, only thing is, it's when I'm playing 1$ buy ins on my computer and not a 1500$ tournament ! Wish you the best

  3. Bro, I like u and ur vids so Im just guna say this. Ur tryin to play like a Fedor Holz 3 and 4 betting AJ and shit. Do this for me and play a tight, solid style and I think you will make deeper runs. Just play tight and solid Boski. 3 bet ur big big hands like Jacks plus. call when ur getting the right price with ur 10-9 suiteds and such and still try to bust people. I just think ur trying too much bud.

  4. Hey Jeff.  You definitely are one of the bravest players I have seen.  Love your videos, please keep them coming.

  5. Best quote of video "if two good friends are three handed, they probably aren't going to go as hard at each other"

  6. I enjoy your great vlogs ! I follow you everyday and pulling for you to win a few of these tournaments . You seem do do better when your the bettor rather than calling a big bet that could put you out .

  7. Played with Joseph Cheong back in April over at Venetian. He gave me choke tips as I live in Hawaii and been playing +/- 3 times per year for the past 15 years. More of a cash guy. #cashgamecrusher

    Joseph gave me a great foodie tip. Place is called Milos at Cosmo…get the prawns from Madagascar, Blue Crab and the Milos Special. The Milos Special will be the first 10/10 Boski food score.

    NNTTMAPOTF (No Need To Thank Me All Part of the Friendship)

  8. if you had ACtually called with the Ts8s would the board have still given you 2nd Boat? … (something to think deeply about in this simulation)

  9. been on a boski binge for a couple weeks now … something i keep wondering … do you memorize each hand? or do you have it written down somewhere?

  10. Whenever I look down and see a jack and an ace I tell myself not to be a jackass and play it right :-D!

  11. Despite the AK bad news, enjoyed your cerebral showcase on your AJ call. Some educational content here and perhaps some insight on when not to strain the brain.

  12. Yo Jeff if you stake me, I'm only asking 5% of what I win I keep. You keep the rest! Give me a shot bud! I'm really skillful @ Texas Holdem No Limit and Limit. We can Cash in some serious dough.Try me and test me if you don't believe me. I got your back bro, Peace and Great Luck

  13. I still don't like it when you go all in with AJ off suite. But even so. I will like and comment. May more wievers follow suite.

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