There’s Nobody Else Quite Like You

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Out of everyone around the globe, what makes you #1in7billion?


  1. There are 7 billion people, on the planet
    On our little floating rock of green and blue
    But, out of 7 billion humans, living on the Earth
    There is Nobody Else Quite Like You

    The way you take a leap and never seem afraid to fall
    The way you dress up your goat in pijamas
    The way you, dry your hair
    The way you soar through the air
    The way you turn your apples into bananas

    The way you juggle, while you hoverboard, like its no big deal
    The way you bike ride like a kangaroo

    How you hop
    How you hoop
    The way you poop in a soup
    Nope! There is Nobody Else Quite Like You!

    Your cowbell is a dogbell and your melon is a friend!
    You're tripping balls!
    And you're barely even ten!
    Your coffee, is your canvas and you like to play pretend!
    You sprint, into a car door, over and over again!!!

    You can turn a normal cheese curl into instagram art!
    You spread, holiday cheer through our door!
    You sit in traffic to the beat!
    You go singing in the street!
    You're a one of a kind man-dog its true!!!

    No! There Is Nobody Else Quite Like You!

    You know the things that make you weird, make you wonderful too!

    You're completely unmistakable!

    You're you!

  2. this song n commercial is really well written. well done 🙂
    its so catchy that i just treat it as any other favorite songs n play it over n over again

  3. what the hell how did this end up in ellen's channel? was just watching this in Rob's channel but searched again and ended up in here

  4. WHY IS THIS HERE!? By here I mean on Ellen's channel. Also, why was Rob Cantor not credited for this in the description box? It's his video! It's him singing & in the video. Why is this in Ellen's channel?

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