Things You Didn’t Know About Anime Balls Deep? Q & A

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Here are couple of things you didn’t know about us, Our 1st Question and answer video for fans that want to know a few things about us, our 1st anime we watched, how we met etc…

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  1. The Anime I watch is Grande Musashi… a Fishing anime.
    Then a sad as Fuck anime about Whales and Shiny Golden whale or something, don't even remember the name.
    Oh and Gatekeeper, GATE OPEN.

  2. Can I just ask you to listen to Sukitte ii Na Yo op? It's called Friendship ( I think :p ), it's really calm and soothing.

  3. Hey guys, I've only watched a few of your videos so far, and i needed to learn about you guys right away, luckily this video was made. Y'all are great and much respect to the Muslim community, and your freedom of belief. I'm watching things you should never google rn, shits fucked man..

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