Things You Only Notice About Harry Potter As An Adult

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The Harry Potter world may seem like a wondrous place filled with magic, butterbeer and chocolate frogs. But there are still some pretty dark and twisted parts to the stories. The series may have been kid-friendly at first, but it quickly did away with any age constraints to cast its spell on generations, thanks in part to some surprisingly grown-up elements. From suggestive names to infuriating character choices, here are some aspects of the Harry Potter series that take on a whole new meaning for adult audiences…

Negligence or abuse? | 0:29
The Ministry of What | 1:31
Fat-shaming | 2:32
Innuendos | 3:07
Wasted gifts | 3:55
Perverted poltergeist | 5:14
Stoner house | 5:43
Weasley weirdos | 6:06

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  1. This is absolute bullshit. Do some fact checking before you make videos in the future. It’s probably a good idea to do so

  2. I had to stop half way because if I rolled my eyes just one more time they were going to roll out of my head.

  3. The situations and incidents described are ridiculously petty, and don't really bear fruit. I think if you looked hard enough it anything you could pick it apart, and although nothing is perfect these movies and books are a lot of fun without having to dissect them and over-analyze everything. This is typical of videos that exploit rather than inform.

  4. Question. Will their be another Harry Potter movie? Beside fantastic beasts 2. I already know about that one.

  5. I had a major crush on Hermione/Emma Watson when i was a kid but now that i am grown up and she's grown up to be the feminist piece of dirt she is i just casually jack off to her modelling pictures.

  6. This video is actually terrible, read the books where it explains things and use actual facts before making a dumb video.

  7. I'm so sick of people who whine about "fat-shaming."Of course it's a cruel thing to call folks names for being really overweight,but it still doesn't change the fact that that they ARE in fact fat!What else are you supposed to call people who overeat to the point where your body is much larger than average?Sure,let's just ignore the fact that they have no self control over food.

  8. For your complaint on no one checking on Harry when he lived with his muggle uncle and aunt, if you read the 1st book you would know that a cat was always outside in the porch and that car is Professor Mcgonagall as a cat watching over Harry over the years, they stated that on the book not in the movies. 🙂

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