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  1. If you see from Toms point of view women complain about hitting the wall but they don’t mind being in their early twenties and treating guys like disposable pieces of trash, calling us creepy, and taking advantage of us. They just hate it when they realize at some point that game ends and the “weird creepy guys” end up better off

  2. This lady is in such denial is laughable, her female DNA code to be an gold digger kicks in blindly and then she Wil turn around and say she not a gold digger. Lol laughable women mentality.

  3. This Mrs. True love needs to watch the E channel on red carpet events. The hollywood successful men have nothing but hot young women on their arm.

  4. Tom is right. When I was in my teens and early 20's women my age did not want to date me. They wanted the bad boy asshole. By the time I hit 24 I was dating a girl 6 years younger. When we got married I as 29 and she 23. I wasn't interested in women my age who marched in the penis parade since they were 16. When I was 17 I worked at a supermarket right our of high school and during college. There was a petty blond age 33 who worked there full time. She had her endless boyfriends. Fast froward three year when I was 20. My friends and I were hanging out at a college bar with people our age and through the door comes the blond from my old part time job. She was now 37, single and trying to pick up guys my age. It was so pathetic to see a woman that age try to compete with women who were 19, 20 and 21 years old. I remember saying to one of my friends what the fuck is she doing here. Shes old enough to be our mom. She was in a state of delusion to think we were interested in a women who had hit the wall.

  5. Like a certain someone that I frequently watch and/or listen to, has said many times, FACTS DON"T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! Not to mention that if you don't like this behavior, then you are more then welcome to try and stop it, then tom will be forced to talk about this new thing that has replaced the old truth.Grant it there are bad apples on both sides but, you can't ignore all these things that women do to sabotage relationships with men.

  6. Women think it's about them while they should look behind them.. It's not about you hitting 30-40 it's about all the chicks that just turned 20-25 they're your problem not us..

  7. Women think with emotion. They believe emotion is truth. Men are far more rational. Women always trying to bend the truth to fit their agenda. They should all be politicians.

  8. Most American women have been rueined by feminism, can't cook, clean, raise children and most importantly respect men. They are useless and wount support the man & family!!!

  9. Teachers crying that they can not deduct more supplies on tax forms with their 100k sympathy union CCCP salaries just for finishing those liberal schools. ekh….After 30 female telomere quality depreciates exponentially.
    #stop CCCP privilege

  10. Interesting point of view.I'm more inclined to say, that women hit the wall even earlier nowadays. I knew 4 chicks at my previous job who had multiple kids at age 24 and were out of shape and washed.

  11. Ahh these stupid new age cultured women who can not see that the reference point for truth is happiness, manifested by whether or not they can feel good from the subject matter being discussed

  12. I met my ex at 20..I was 27…married her when I was 31..when she became 30…a celestial light shone on her and now she's a expert on everything and a pain in the ass to live with..I'm no saint but I should have been canonized as one…she divorces me..takes up the cock carousel…didn't realize what a gift that was…It took going through that shit for 11 years of married life(2 years cohabiting) to realize this wasn't what I wanted or needed and she wasn't the trophy she made herself up to me(except in her mind) and I was better off. Women after 30 don't improve…they decline.

  13. I am not arguing that women have expiration dates. All I am saying is that there are enough beta males in the US that is really doesn't matter. No matter how fat and ugly she is, there is never a shortage of guys who will stand in line to pay for her drinks/dinners/whatever.

  14. No matter how much bitches try to deny the truth, bitches still gonna hit the wall. Can you say "live by the sword die by the sword" ?

  15. Turns out her husband of many years was a drug addict, Little Miss Genius didn’t know it though…fucks sakes women are so stupid don’t take any of their crap!

  16. she hung up to change her panties . they were wet when she melted , she was talking to a millionaire and got a panty soaking

  17. I love when women say " I'm divorced as my ex was on drugs, an alcoholic, cheater, etc… the entire time we were together". Did you seriously not see this early on? Women are so blind when they find some asshole to wage time with just to break up with and stupid to think we feel sorry for the, and that they didn't know the issues with the guy in the first place.

  18. It's frustrating that they just can't fathom that this is what we men want..and yes majority of men. I would say all men except for faggots and whiteknights putting women on a pedestal. We just want to fuck..can't you understand that? That's how we are wired..women are wired to look for the best provider which is why a mans assets are more important to a women than "true love", men are not..we are wired to fuck as many women as we can..we are our own providers. Men are wallets to women, and women are cock holsters to men, somewhere we can relief ourselves temporarily. This is reality..wake up.

  19. Face it, unless you have lots of money, you will not be dating 20yr olds when you are 50-60-+.    So these 30-40yr olds will start to look pretty good after you hit 50.   Remember those older chicks you fuck when you're 20, will be the younger chicks you be fucking when you're 50+.   Just saying.

  20. Bad genetics hahhahhah yeah women past 30 have hit the wall bad…. but they still think they look good and have market value pathetic bitches

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