Tonya Harding & Margot Robbie: ‘I, Tonya’ & a Love of Skating | THR

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‘I, Tonya’ star Margot Robbie joins the real life Tonya Harding and The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the new biopic and a love for ice skating.

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  1. I saw the film, and I think tonya is unique, special, and a woman who is worth gold, besides beautiful young and mature, she was a fighter, who had bad luck, That is why we should appreciate when there is love in ours families and in ours relationships, love is the source of life, love nourishes, When a person has a not very good mother, a boyfriend not good, a father not very good, and despite all that keeps fighting, that woman is worth her weight in GOLD.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol … Que Dios la Bendiga.

  2. How must Nancy Kerrigan feel about Tonyas rebirth ? Pretty horrible I assume. No one ever talks about that!

  3. I just watched the movie and I can't stop thinking about Nancy Kerrigan watching all of this lol… Tonya is the one sitting with Margo Robbie and the Hollywood reporter? her life story told… kind of unfair and a bitter pill imo

  4. Why do people hate on Tonya so much? Why is it wrong to feel sympathy for her? Did she not suffer abuse from her mother and from her spouse? Did she not suffer injustice in terms of getting poor scores because of the whole 'trailer trash' factor? I feel sympathy for Tonya but that doesn't mean that I condone what happened to Kerrigan. However, I don't get why people feel it was Tonya who orchestrated it. She did have a dominating, violent spouse who made rash decisions, right? She did have the ´counter-terrorist expert´ of a delusional ´bodyguard´, right? And yet it must have been Tonya who made it all happen? Forgive me but that doesn't make any common sense. Sure, she withheld evidence. Admittedly wrong but wouldn't you panic and want to hide things if your whole life and career was in danger of being over because of people you know did criminal acts in your name. She did share that info on Kerrigan which does make her an accomplice but I don't believe she knew that they were going for physical harm.

    It is my nature to question people's inner motives and I feel I'm not easily fooled. Yet I feel comfortable in saying that today's Tonya feels very sincere and a truly good person who is in peace with herself. I don't feel like she is manipulating her new-found fame or that she tries to run away from responsibility. It feels mind-boggling that despite knowing all the hardships she has suffered (and I'm in no way saying here that she is a perfect or that she hasn't done selfish mistakes) people still feel the need to bash her and make it so that she is nothing more than a hateful low-life of a b*itch. What is wrong with you? Granted, I'm not from the US so perhaps this boils down to some inherent hatred of white ´trailer-trash´ folk.

  5. I loved that Movie…and they ought to bring charges up on Tanya's mom on how cruel she was to Tanya…I love Tanya…would love a chance to meet her one day…She is so genuine…

  6. Awesome, just awesome in every fucking way, what the public (and ESPECIALLY the "judges") put Tonya Harding through is far beyond shameful. They didn't want someone that TRULY represented the american spirit because, if they did, they'd have realized she was standing right in front of them, fighting for everything she wanted & her name was Tonya Fuckin' Harding.
    In closing I'd like to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I hope every person that played even the smallest role in destroying this woman's dream dies slowly in a house fire.

  7. I'm four months late, but Tonya looks amazing. Last time I saw her was on World's Dumbest and she was looking kinda rough.

  8. Tonya – I know you won't read this – but the best part of being human is our ability to pick it up, dust it off and start over. Cheers sweetheart – I hope you found the right people in your life and that you know love.

  9. I sided with Tonya before any talks of any movie, I believed her, and any exceptional athlete would understand what people can do to try to kick them down, there is much hate, jealousy , envy ,etc. and the abuse comes in mass form, people can be royal assh*les, only those who endured the besiegement would truly understand which is a rare elite group.

  10. when i would see people talk about how amazing this movie was i was like it can't be that good, but then i watched it a couple of days ago and i was reborn. the movie is really really, THAT good! amazing performance! and i'm glad that Tonya is proud of it!

  11. "I, Tonya" left me wondering… who on Nancy Kerrigan's behalf (with or without her knowledge) bribed the Judge to ban Tonya. Harding from skating competitions for life. I can't be the only person who believes why the judgment against Tanya was so severe.

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