Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs

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Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs

These are the best Hamilton musical songs that set Broadway on fire! Today we’re counting down our picks for the best songs to be featured in the hit Broadway “Hamilton.” We’re talking about, Alexander Hamilton, The Schuyler Sisters, Yorktown, Wait For It, and more!

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  1. Here's my list:
    10.All of them
    9.All of them
    8.All of them
    7.All of them
    6.All of them
    5.All of them
    4.All of them
    3.All of them
    2.All of them
    1.All of them

  2. I think “who lives who dies who tells your story” should’ve been the last one. Helpless and you’ll be back didn’t really fit, I think nonstop and my shot should’ve taken their places and stuff. (This is my opinion, just wanted to say that, lol)

  3. Wow, Guns And Ships and The Reynolds Pamphlet didn’t even get an honourable mention? These two are like, the fans general top picks w h a t

  4. 1. Guns and ships2. Aaron burr,sir3. You’ll be back4. Farmer refuted5. Alexander Hamilton 6. Cabinet battle #17. The Schuyler sisters8. Helpless9.satistfied 10. Burn

  5. Umm excuse me? WHY DOES SATISFIED NOT HAVE A GOOD SPOT ON THIS LIST? WHY IS BURN NOT EVEN MENTIONED? Those songs deserved so much more than what they got.

  6. Haven't seen this yet and was so confused by the sisters different nationalities. I wasn't sure who they were in relation to each other. But I read up on it and now I get it.

  7. If you don't know Hamilton and you just happen to come across this video then heres a summary of each character.

    Alexander Hamilton: You forgot his name? Don't worry, he'll say it in like 5 seconds

    Aaron Burr: the biggest plot twist about the show is realizing you give a shit about him

    Eliza Schuyler: is a sweetheart who didn't deserve this shit

    Angelica Schuyler: is prettier + smarter then u

    John Laurens: there os a nonzero chance he and Hamilton moved undercover and moved as one((if you're picking up what I'm putting down))

    Lafayette: he came all the way from france to rap at the speed of sound

    Hercules Mulligan:

    Thomas Jefferson: he came all the way from France to ruin everything.

    James Madison:…….france

    George Washington: Hamilton probably called him dad on accident more then once; has to lead a nation but really just wants to sit under some vines

    Philip Hamilton: lmao ur gonna cry so fuckinf hard.

  8. I've always wondered. Why is the majority of the cast black? And then the British king is the white villain? Isnt that reverse racism?

  9. I was waiting for the world was wide enough or guns and ships or Aaron Burr sir I was a little disappointed not to see those or who lives who dies who tells your story

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