TOP 10 Most Evil Kids You Won’t Believe Actually EXISTED!

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Normally we love young people, but these kids are beyond salvation. These are the most evil kids finally revealed!
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Top 10 Most Evil Children

The nature verses nurture debate has been raging on practically since mankind realized he had a mind and supporters of either side can get quite rabid in their loyalty. So, are we a result of our DNA or is it our experiences that truly make us who we are? For most people, life is a little bit of both. Some kids are quiet. Others are loud and outgoing—or just loud. You can raise a polite individual or a spoiled brat. Few people would imagine that anyone could be born evil, but for the kids on this list, it just might be true. Sit back and enjoy the top ten most evil children.

10) Nathaniel Brazill
An honor roll student is the last person anyone would expect to be capable of murder. Nathaniel Brazill of the oh so originally named Lake View Middle School in Lake View, Florida grew up in a world of abuse and domestic violence. His home was a frequent pit stop for the police, though it seemed little ever changed for the Brazill household. Despite this, he was described by his teachers as mild mannered and even likeable. He worked hard every day to rise above his situation. So it surprised everyone when, on the last day of school, May 26th 2008, 13 year old Nathaniel marched down the hall and shot his favorite teacher in the head. We’ll probably never understand why he killed Barry Gunrow that day, but what we do know is that by the time Nathaniel was 14 he’d been convicted of second degree murder and aggravated assault and sentenced to 28 years in prison. Now that’s a busy beaver.

9) Jesse Pomeroy
If you’ve been nicknamed the Boston Boy Fiend, you’ve probably gone wrong with your life somewhere. In the case of Jesse Pomeroy that somewhere involved the morbidly impressive title of the youngest person ever to be convicted of first degree murder in Massachusetts. In 1871 and 1872 Pomeroy stalked and tortured a total of seven other boys when he was just eleven years old. He beat them with his fists, with a belt, and even stabbed some of them, inflicting permanent, psychological damage. But he was just getting warmed up. For who knows what reason, he was paroled into the custody of his mother. In March of 1874 10 year old Katie Curran went missing after contact with Pomeroy. Shortly after, police discovered the body of 4 year old Horace Millen in a marsh. Katie’s body was found in the basement of Pomeroy’s mother’s shop. The boy was quickly sentenced to death, but, ironically, public outcry over killing a child altered his fate to 40 years in solitary confinement.

8) Mary Bell
On May 25th, 1968, 10 year old Mary Bell strangled 4 year old Martin Brown in an abandoned building. It’s believed she performed this unthinkable act alone, despite the fact that she and her friend, Norma vandalized a neighbor’s nursery, leaving notes claiming responsibility for the murder. Police considered the break in a prank and their mistake cost another boy his life. On July 31st the two girls, aged 11 and 13, kidnapped and murdered 3 year old Brian Howe. Mary went back and carved an M into the corpse’s chest with a pair of scissors before scratching his legs, cutting off some of his hair, and mutilating his genitals. Such intense, sexual aggression is believed to be the result of abuse she suffered at the hands of her prostitute mother who repeatedly tried to kill her as a baby and forced her to have sex with clients from the age of 4. Mary and her daughter now live under court ordered anonymity. We’re not sure where the Tyneside Strangler is now, but we hope she’s received the psychiatric help she so desperately needed.

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  1. I will never understand how anyone can take another life, these kids pure evil. I believe they should get some kind of psychiatric help but still locked up!!!!

  2. .All those rotten little monsters should have been executed by slow strangulation, from the 8 year old up. Don't care about age.

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