Trump Blames Video Games for School Shootings

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Quick upload for today. Trump has a problem with ‘violent video games’. Let’s talk about it.


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  1. Its insane that we are going back to the 90s with all the violent videogame paranoia. Whats most funny is that alot of the Gamergate people were mindlessly shilling for Trump during the last election. Now it seems hes just as toxic for gaming as Anita Sarkeesian.

  2. if he wants to blame video games then he needs to blame movies and songs that are violent too, since some people with mental illnesses can't really differentiate real life from shit like that. if he wants to go from that angle then it just can't be violent video games. at least imo.

  3. Here's my view…
    – videogames CAN cause violence, just like everything else. Certain people can't handle the pressure of videogames, and this can lead to stress, which can lead to violence
    – so if videogames CAN (in few circumstances) lead to violence, should we ban videogames? And if we do, should we ban other things that can provoke violence? Like firing ranges, movies, etc? No, because technically anything can cause violence
    – in the medieval times, people were hung publicly, children were killed, and women were tortured, so maybe humans are generally keen to create violence? I'd personally like to think so. Many studies show that humans generally live to do violent things, because our ancestors had to do violent things if they wanted to survive.

    Long story short, anything can cause violence, and we aren't going to ban everything. Mr Trump, please shut the fuck up. You are not a psychologist, nor have you done your research.
    -sincerely, everyone that plays videogames and has never shot up a school

  4. Blame guns, blame games, blame drugs, blame whatever but don't look into the home life. There's nothing to see there

  5. I knew that golf kart ride wasn't going to end well.

    Trump is actually making Anita defend the games industry. When she is defending something she hates you know it's bad.

  6. All it is Trump acting like a fucking moron as usual and repeating what is said around him, because he doesn't have actual rational thoughts of his own or intelligence, he just rants and repeats what is said to him and throws fits like the man child he is.

  7. Hmmmmmmmm…………. I'd have to do some research on it, but if memory serves video games only go back to around the mid-'70s. Still, that does make it to over 40 years now, so you're not to far off on that part. However, the primary basis for the claim that video games are the cause is the fact that the percentage of children who had video games at home, or had played them at a friend's house, didn't break 80% until around the early-to-mid '90s. This does roughly correlate with a sharp rise in youth violence, specifically it does precede it by 2-4 years. Now, any good researcher knows that correlation does not equal causation, and a few other things with similar correlation is the internet becoming commonplace, a sharp rise in both the degree of welfare support and the number of people on welfare, as well as a pronounced shift in the mental health care system becoming far more out-patient oriented as well as relying far more heavily on drugs to treat problems. The social attitude shift to 'It's not my problem, so I'm not dealing with it.' also started to gain a lot of momentum around that time. As such there are several potential factors, and it is very probable that it is a combination of most, maybe even all, of them that is the true cause. Also, there are other countries where video games are just as prevalent as in the States, but they lack one or more of those other factors and haven't seen a matching rise in youth violence, which very heavily implies that video games themselves are not the problem.

    Now, before anyone blows a gasket I do know of something specific from the '90s that is related to why video games are blamed for violent behaviour. That is because back then the media outlets did a massive news story about the U.S. Military using 'video games' to train soldiers to be better killers, and they went to a lot of effort to imply that the video games kids were playing were having a similar effect on them. What they didn't bother to report about was that those 'video games' were massive simulation systems for training tank crews, pilots, even crewman for ships and subs, and that those systems cost tens of thousands of dollars back then and were designed to mimic using the real thing as much as humanely possible. Obviously there is very little similarity to the military's simulation systems of the '90s and the video game consoles of today, forget back then. Also, the media never bothered to report that those soldiers who were training to use guns still trained with guns. Modified ones so that their training more closely resembles a paintball, or Airsoft if you prefer, match taking place on a simulated battlefield, with no 'video games' involved.

    The thing is, people have always tried to blame the latest 'big thing' that's popular with kids for causing violence in kids. Unfortunately for video games nothing seems to be coming along with matching popularity to draw the heat away, and the media loves using it as a scape goat.

    I just hope this latest kid isn't into .hack.


  9. yes some people can be inspired by fictional media but A: the people inspired most likely already had predispositions to violence. and B: most people aren't. i love death note devilman crybaby and plenty of violent games and i'm not a murderer.

  10. They blame video games to get a sense of argument. That's flaud because there is a rating on the box. It can be for Kids and Adults. For example, when booting GTA V, it tells you it's fiction and to not commit heinous acts. So it's not the games fault. I kill cops and it doesn't make me wanna go out a gun down officers. Like what the hell? That's an excuse these empty headed people always make.

  11. As a 13 yr old Trump supporter, I disagree with him on this; I love Fallout New Vegas and Metal Gear, and I would never harm anybody.

  12. Dashing David thinks Dr. Suess is racist. So his criticism of Trump doesn't really carry much weight

  13. trump needs to get his head out of his ass jump of a bridge and get hit by a train in that order because it will be an improvment to not only himself but the worls! that ass hole will start world war 3 at this rate hes resist and he just needs to die before he takes all of us with him! i play vidio games but im not about to pick up a gun and start shooting up a school maby people should look at the real proplem and stop all the presure and bullying in schools thats the cause of the shooting to much presure and somone will snap it only takes one person to push someone to that state!

  14. Ec early childhood e everyone e 10 mean 10 and up t for teen m 17 older and ao 18 older that the video game rating what each one means

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